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Zyrus C. Dec 17, 2020 126 views

I'm looking for an online job

I'm looking for a simple online job....


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Sandra G. Aug 14, 2018 231 views

What should I do to help me study better and be more productive during study time?

I really struggle to stay focused during my study time even if it is in the library or in quiet spaces. I have tried listening to music but finding the right song is distracting. Any suggestions?...


Chelsie F.’s Avatar
Chelsie F. Mar 18, 2020 249 views

How might COVID19 affect research opportunities within academic institutions?

I am majoring in Computer Science and Digital Art and was hoping to get involved with research as a means to build my resume. As far as computer science goes, I am interested in cybersecurity, software engineering, and/or curriculum development for computer science learning. As for digital...

#covid-19 #software #engineering #computer-science #college #research #digital-art

Paige A.’s Avatar
Paige A. Jul 10, 2018 374 views

What tips do you have to increase productivity in the morning?

For those of us that aren't morning people, are there any tips or recommended habits that you may have to be as productive as possible for morning classes, assignments, and work? #productivity #habits...


Paige A.’s Avatar
Paige A. Jul 10, 2018 409 views

What tips do you have for creating a monthly budget to keep track of expenses in college?

For instance, how would you organize a budget and what information would you include to make sure that you are on track and budgeting income and college expenses effectively? #finance #budgeting...


henry F.’s Avatar
henry F. Mar 18, 2019 211 views

So how would i start in the cannabis industry?

so your boi is 14 and one of the careers I'm high key interested in is the cannabis one since I already have these things ready like the store that I can buy and some other stuff but I don't really know about all these kinds of seeds and how I would need to take care of them and like knowing...

#cannabis #highschool #career

Erica A.’s Avatar
Erica A. Jan 18, 2018 296 views

What's it like to change a major?

As a senior in high school, I have two potential majors that are completely different fields (science field and the other, fashion design field). I plan to take science classes in college and if I'm not cut out for them, I'd switch to fashion design courses. Will I have to stay in college...

#college-major #college-majors #college

Kathy M.’s Avatar
Kathy M. Aug 19, 2020 310 views

What does a software testing engineer do and how do you become one?

I'm learning html, css and javascript on my own and starting to look at job postings to see which areas of technology most interest me. I thought I'd be going the route of web development but I came across a post for a Manual Automation Tester and it sounds so interesting. Here's the...

#computers #software #databases #testing #engineering #agile

Lauryn A.’s Avatar
Lauryn A. Aug 27, 2018 245 views
Aubriee M.’s Avatar
Aubriee M. Aug 29, 2018 282 views

What other things can I do to get into college Vet school?

I have good grades and I volunteer at a animal shelter in the clinic. But I am still worried I will not get in to the university I want to go let a lone get in to vet school, Especially since it is really competitive. #veterinarian #school...


Andrea D.’s Avatar
Andrea D. Apr 23, 2018 423 views

Are you going to college because you want to or because society told you to?

College is something that isn't for everyone, but society doesn't tell us that. They want us to think that college is for everyone regardless of what they want to do as a career. Many students have no drive or passion for what they are learning because they don't know what they want to do in...

#whatisthenorm #career #high-school #careers #college

Emem U.’s Avatar
Emem U. Aug 28, 2020 124 views

I know that the specific college isn’t what gets you into dental school, but what are some of the best/most common colleges dental, or even medical, students, go to? (besides the classic Stanford/Harvard ivy league)

I’m a Junior and since I’m taking the SAT this year, I really want to know what score to aim for based off of college options. I’ve done quite some college research, but it would be nice to have some more colleges to consider. #university #college #medical...


John M.’s Avatar
John M. May 24, 2016 543 views

Can anyone tell me a day in the life of a orthopedic surgeon?

I want to become a orthopedic surgeon and was just curious what a day to day schedule looked like! Thank you #medicine...


Maria Paula P.’s Avatar
Maria Paula P. Aug 14, 2020 129 views

What kind of skills would I need to work in ocean engineer?

I’d like to know what type of skills (modeling programs, GIS..) are required to work in coastal engineering and what type of jobs could I get. #engineering #coastal...


Julia B.’s Avatar
Julia B. Oct 24, 2016 430 views

What is a good major in order to become an OBGYN?

I am extremely interested in this career path and need guidance and some help to get there #pediatrics #obgyn #md-phd #medicine...


Devin J.’s Avatar
Devin J. Oct 16, 2018 269 views

How does this scholarship work

Will this be a random drawing or just a one person scholarship? #school #scholarship #financial-aid #college...


Stephen S.’s Avatar
Stephen S. Feb 27, 2019 153 views

How to be a rich and happy adult?

Who do i have to talk too, be close with? How and who should I be as a person to find happiness?...


Tara C.’s Avatar
Tara C. Oct 25, 2016 434 views

How many different jobs can you obtain in the sports management field?

I'm a senior in high school and I just got enrolled into the Soccer Management program at UCCS. I want to become a business team manager for a soccer team but I'm curious what my other options are in soccer management careers. #business-management #sports-management...


Efe O.’s Avatar
Efe O. Aug 07, 2015 671 views

How Can I Become a Drafter

I don't quite know yet what type of drafting I want to pursue, but can someone walk me through the process? My main concern is college, and if I need to attend, for how long should I go? #college #university #cad #drafting #architectural-drafting...


Drew C.’s Avatar
Drew C. May 14, 2016 482 views

What is running a business like?

I am asking this because I intend to major in business and hopefully own one one day....


Riley J.’s Avatar
Riley J. May 17, 2018 416 views

Is a math degree good for a career?

I am currently pursuing a degree in math. I know that there are a lot of careers that use math these days like insurance, finance, statistics, and cryptography. Is this the best degree to ensure that I get a job in one of these fields? And, if not what else should I look at? Thank you. #math...

#college-major #career-options #statistics #finance #insurance

Angelina A.’s Avatar
Angelina A. Aug 18, 2020 125 views

How difficult is it to stay motivated in the medical field?

I'm an avid female wanting to pursue medicine because of my strong passion for it #doctor...


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