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College offers the opportunity to continue one's education post-secondary providing career developing skills and knowledge. There are many different types of colleges. There are two-year colleges that offer Associate of...

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Francisco R. Feb 25 81 views

Is being a short story writer a career path?

Being a first generation college student means that I'm going in blind in this. None of my family members ever finished school so if I go and ask them for help/advice they can't give any. School counselors are not much help so I'm turning to the internet. I've never really excelled in anything,...

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Daniel C. Feb 24 43 views

If I don't take AICE Test, How would that appear to college?

I am a senior in high school. I have already been accepted to college. I have 1 AICE Cambridge Class. I will not get the Cambridge certificate. I was placed in this class because my high school had no where else to place me. This class is a 6 point class. It is also the only class I have...

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Asher C. Feb 24 90 views

I'm having trouble deciding what I want to do with my future and what could be the best possible option for me.

I want to go to college and go into the field of psychology or maybe do sports, but I'm having trouble deciding if that's what I really want to do as a career. I want to have multiple options/ideas so that I choose the best possible future for me. #career #college #sports...


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Amaiya A. Feb 24 76 views

What are the best college majors for pursuing a writing career?

I'm a sophmore in highschool who is very passionate about writing! In fact, its the only thing I want to do all day, everyday forever! But as I get closer to graduating and thinking about college, I'm not sure which majors would be best for me to take in order to enhance my writing skills. So...

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Andrew B. Feb 24 78 views

How heavily should I prepare for the Sat and Act?

I am a sophomore and want to know the best time to start to prepare for the Sats? Should I practice methods to increase my time management or learn tips to score better? #college...


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Alex A. Feb 24 75 views

What kind of degree do I need for becoming a Technician?

I love using technology a lot!! Playing video games is my life, and I love using computers especially. But if I want to create something out of tech, like a new video game, or help others work on a new console/ system, what's the required degree? Or at least what college should I go to?...

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Andrew B. Feb 24 47 views

Can achievements outside of school affect your chances of getting into college?

If I partake in programs and achieve great efforts, will it impact my chances of getting into college? Or is it a non-measurable factor that varies based on the college and its adminastarors? #school...


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Alex A. Feb 24 50 views

Where can I take a Cartooning class?

Becoming a Cartoonist is my dream career of all eternity. I chose this career because I love watching cartoons, and one of them I've watched inspired me of getting that career. #cartoonist #career...


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Tatiana M. Feb 24 40 views

Could I invest into Real Estate if I decide to go to college?

Hello, I have been doing a lot of research on the Real Estate industry and I was wondering if I could do both? I know I can, but does it seem reasonable? #realestate...


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Ava S. Feb 24 87 views

What should i consider when applying to colleges to be a nurse?

I'm a Junior in highschool and I am applying to colleges. #college...


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Marcos S. Feb 24 56 views

what is a good school for a engineering major

I want to major in engineering and a minor in mathematics so I want a school that can help me with that #college-majors...


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Stacy M. Feb 24 57 views

What major should I pick if I want to do something within law enforcement?

I'm currently a junior in high school and I'm having a hard time picking a major. #law-school #college...


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Johnathan G. Feb 24 78 views

What are some good business colleges.

I'm a junior. And I'm looking for colleges about business. #college...


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Briana C. Feb 24 86 views

What major should I pick in college?

I'm currently a Junior in high school trying to plan what I want to do after I graduate. #college #major...


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Emma N. Feb 24 134 views

Do I need to be good at math to succeed as a Biology major?

I like biology, but I struggle with math. I really want to be either a biologist or a forensic scientist. Anyone in the biology field bad at math? #biology #science #math #mathematics...


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Abby L. Feb 23 78 views

Should I pursue a senior project that exposes me to a new area of physics or one that is more in line with what I believe I'll want to do as a career?

Currently, I don't have a clear idea as to what I want to do after graduation. I'll definitely apply to PhD programs, but I don't know what field I want to specialize in. Right now I'm most interested in optics, laser physics, and math. For my senior project, I'm tasked with choosing a...

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Caleb K. Feb 23 82 views

I am interested in becoming an engineer but I don't know what different engineers do on a daily basis

I am Junior in high school interested in engineering and I want to figure out what engineering field to major in. I want to know what the day to day life looks like for different engineers. #college #high-school...


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Jaydon W. Feb 23 72 views

I want to own and run a fashion line but I don't know what to do in college to do that. Please help.

I'm a junior from Lynn, MA. I'm graduating high school next year, and need some help on what to do #fashion #art #majors #college...


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Marco E. Feb 23 80 views

How do you get an engineering job or opportunity before leaving college

I'm a Jr who's fascinated by any type of engineering especially civil engineering. I plan on going to college for 4 years at most but i don't want those 4 years to go to waste if I never pursue a career in this area. #career-choice #information-technology #engineering #architect...

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Giovonni R. Feb 23 73 views
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Antonio B. Feb 22 66 views

How long do I have to go to school if I want to major in Sports mangement & recreation

I'm a star football player at wendell phillips and I want to, even if I get injured I can still have something to fall back on and it's something to do with my liking. #college...


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Rachel W. Feb 22 128 views

Business or Psychology? I need help picking my major

I'm brand new here and have never posted. I don't know if anyone will even read this but I figure it's worth a shot. I'm pretty desperate for help. I have been incredibly indecisive on which major to go for. I've been in community college for 5 years now because I keep changing majors because...

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Roger P. Feb 22 112 views

I know for a fact that i want to be a graphic designer now. Can someone help me breakdown the different jobs that are under that category?

So I know that I want to be a graphic designer now, I've made a video for my school and I've made personal videos, I've taken pictures and figured out somewhat how to use a camera. I figured out how to use simple picture editing software, as well as simple video editing software and I've...

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Shan T. Feb 20 158 views

Interview Tips and Advice and Questions

What are some common interview questions that private universities tend to ask their applicants when trying to decide for admission or scholarship purposes? What questions do you remember being asked? Or think they will ask? Any tips and advice, for a student who is undergoing the interview...

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Abby T. Feb 18 96 views

Does anyone know any clinical lab science masters degree programs in MA or RI? Also called medical lab science, medical lab technology, etc.

It is so hard to find certain degree programs through google searches. All I see are ads and online programs, and I am definitely not looking for an online program. I want to ensure that I'm not missing any schools that offer a masters degree in this subject. #clinicallabscience...

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Avantika D. Feb 13 88 views

What are the best internship programs for high schoolers?

I want to get accepted into my top-5 dream universities, namely, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Harvard, Stanford, and NYU. I wanted to know which are the best internships if I want to do undergrad and post-grad in Business fields in these universities. #student #college...


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Brooke M. Feb 12 160 views

What kind of volunteer work should I do for anesthesiology?

I have worked with the Florida Department of Health in research, I have made blankets for the homeless and have helped develop a social media platform for pancreatic cancer awareness. I am going to school for my BS in pre med and ecology. I don't know if it is frowned upon to not get any...

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Petunie T. Feb 11 164 views

Are there good job opportunities right after undergrad?

As of right now, I am interested in majoring in chemical engineering or mathematics in college. #engineering #math #jobs...


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Emmett V. Feb 10 91 views

Is college right for me

I like to do many things and love to try new things as well....