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College offers the opportunity to continue one's education post-secondary providing career developing skills and knowledge. There are many different types of colleges. There are two-year colleges that offer Associate of...

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Jessica H. Jul 08 54 views

How long do you have to go to school to become a nurse?

I don't mind going to school for 4-6 years more after high school. #college #nursing...

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Jessica H. Jul 08 47 views

How many years of nursing school do I need to become a neonatal nurse?

Hi, my name is Jessica. I'm a junior in high school and I'll be looking at colleges that have to do with nursing. #college...


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Jessica H. Jul 08 54 views

What colleges should I look at to become a neonatal nurse?

There are so many colleges for nursing but there too far from where I live. #college #nursing...


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Victwhon N. Jul 07 66 views

Why is it so hard to get a scholarship for a D1 school?

I’m about to turn 16. I care about others and like to help others out. #scholarship #financial-aid #help #student...


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Mohammad A. Jul 06 137 views

how do I know if studying major( x )suits me or not

Hi I'm in my last school year and I want to find a major that fits my standards and requirements. I'm a good problem solver, Gets bored easily, Love helping others, Not really a hard worker to be honest except if it was in a field I love, Free time is one of my priorities. #career #major...

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Khadija S. Jun 29 172 views

As a high school student, how do I know if computer science is the right college major for me?

I'm a 16 year old rising high school senior, and I've been learning how to code in my free time for the past year or so. I've decided that I want to study computer science in college, but I'm still not entirely sure about my decision. #college #computer #computer-science...


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Jennifer S. Jul 04 54 views

Which specialty of nursing did you choose, how did you prepare for it and why did you choose it?

Hello everyone! I'm a first-generation college student and CNA here in San Diego. I'm pursuing a nursing career and am convinced that I will be specializing in a branch of nursing (masters) in the future. Currently, I'm in the process of receiving a general degree in math and science this fall!...

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Alek Z. Jul 03 113 views

With my intentions of being a psych major, what kind of classes will I be taking in college?

I plan to major in psych, and then a dream of mine would to become a therapist or a school counselor. I fully intent on getting my masters as well. #college...


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Athena R. Jul 02 107 views

Can I go straight to nursing school after I graduate high school? (If so, how can I get in?)

Hello, I am currently a rising junior in high school. I am very interested in nursing, and becoming an RN. I want to obtain a BSN, and later my masters because I want to specialize in sports medicine or orthopedics. I believe I read somewhere that you can go straight to nursing school right...

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Victwhon N. Jul 01 169 views

How can you become a better engineer?

I am a high school student. I want to go to a divisional 1 college when I graduate from High School. #engineer #engineering #high-school #college...


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Carolina V. Jun 30 231 views

When do you come to terms of accepting failure or deciding to quit?

I began college as a Animal Science major and realized it wasn't for me. I'm currently a Psychology major, but I'm hoping to still be eligible of becoming a vet student. I keep holding onto the idea that you don't have to be a traditional vet student to be qualified. I have no direction of what...

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Arhe V. Jun 29 109 views

Where can I develop my writing skills while still making money for college?

I'm fresh out of high school, and I've been writing short, fictional stories for 3+ years now. I've done a bit of research and it seems like all of the quick money is in copywriting, article writing, or editing. I feel like I'm quite skilled at fictional writing, but I have no idea where to...

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Charlotte Y. Jun 28 122 views

What is the difference between college and medical school? What does it mean to get into medical school straight out of high school?

I am currently an incoming junior in high school and I am planning on going into the medical field! Is it better to apply/get straight into medical school after high school as compared to going to college then medical school? What is the whole process like? #medicine #college #doctor #medical...


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Divya S. Jun 28 157 views

To become a pharmacy technician in Texas, are classes or training required, or could I just self-study and take the certification exam?

Hello! I'm interested in becoming a certified pharmacy technician. However, I am also currently pursuing a four-year degree. I'm mostly interested in the pharm tech certification so I can gain experience in the field with the purpose of eventually going to pharmacy school, post-graduation....

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Anthony S. Jun 28 188 views

I'm a 3rd year in college and I dont know if I should I keep my major, switch it, or become Undeclared for now?

I am a 3rd year in college recently I have upgraded my major from pre-psychology to psychology. The thing is that I'm not sure if I want to stick with Psychology , because I really don't know what I want to do anymore and am not sure if this is the right major for me anymore. Some majors I'm...

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Athena R. Jun 25 89 views

What are all the steps in becoming a registered nurse?

Hello! I am a rising junior in high school, and I am very interested in nursing. However, I am not sure how to get there. Do I apply to nursing school straight from high school, or do I go to any college and receive my BSN, THEN go to nursing school to become a RN? How about my master's degree,...

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