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Daergh’s Avatar
Daergh Aug 06, 2023 401 views

How to do good in AP Computer Science?

Hi! I'm in 11th grade and I'm looking for some advice on how to do good in some of my coding classes. I'm taking AP Computer Science Principles and wanting to learn how to do good in the class. Thanks!

Karampreet’s Avatar
Karampreet Aug 07, 2023 350 views

Coaching for neet 2025 ?

I am pursuing 12 . And i wanna appear neet 2025. So i decided to take a drop for preparation.. But i don't know from where should i take coaching.. From which Institute and from chandigarh or kota?.. And i want to take coaching which is affordable as i am from middle class family...

Abhinav’s Avatar
Abhinav Jul 30, 2023 329 views

What does it mean to grow as you grow older?

As I grow to an older age, what does it mean to become a more wise person. How do I develop my wisdom and become a better person through all the noise that surrounds us.

b’s Avatar
b Aug 07, 2023 717 views

How to you choose what to major in?

If i want to do something medical should i choose a science class like biology? Or if I want to go to law school should i simply choose law or something like that?

Javion’s Avatar
Javion Aug 07, 2023 352 views

I am having trouble trying to Figure out how to make money I was wondering if any body can help me?

I'm am 14 in 9th grade and I'm trying to get money and learn to Manage my money and start a website to get money

Barb’s Avatar
Barb Aug 07, 2023 521 views

What are way I can become a more focused student?

As a student ready to learn each day, sometime things or people cloud be distracting. Some distraction have impact my learning much more than I would have liked, so I'm here to ask of way that I can adjust to does distraction or I can focused less on the distraction but more one what I'm...

Ronney’s Avatar
Ronney Aug 07, 2023 732 views

what do i need to succeed in life

what do i have to do to get my career how do i get my head in the game if my teacher gets annoyed of me what can i do to get help on my career work if sometimes the computers don't want to work

Alexa’s Avatar
Alexa Aug 07, 2023 843 views

When is it a perfect time to start thinking about careers?

When is it a perfect time to start worrying and start to plan for my future career? I'm interested in skincare and I want to work with skincare and beauty related careers but I don't know if it's too early in my age to start thinking about my future career.

Natalie’s Avatar
Natalie Jun 30, 2023 474 views

Business people, how do you grow your skills for business?

Business roles seem more focused on using soft skills like talking and meeting with coworkers. but some people just seem good at the role. like extroverts or something. Did you do anything to develop your communication skills, or are you just good at talking? & How did you get good at talking?...

Thomas’s Avatar
Thomas Jun 29, 2023 424 views

How did you find CareerVillage?

As a professional, how did you find out about CareerVillage? I didn't realize there was a network like this that helps students with career advice until recently, so I was wondering how the professionals on this site found out about it.

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah Jun 24, 2023 563 views

Does it matter how u act and look and feel to be a artist?

Jake I’m 20 and I am gamer and a hard worker
Does it matter how u act and look and feel to be a artist?
Bc I don’t know if it matters but I’ll ask anyway bc why not l anyways any questions for me I’m in 12th grade I love math and I like art I like too collect

Everardo’s Avatar
Everardo Jun 21, 2023 1479 views

What is the different software Administrative Assistants use?

On the job is an Administrative assistant's software made by Google. I have used Google Docs in the past.

Ally’s Avatar
Ally Jun 10, 2023 326 views

Why is it beneficial to go to college? What's the most cost effective way?

Compared to people who did go to college what is my salary.

Janessa’s Avatar
Janessa Jun 03, 2023 434 views

How can I become a future real estate agent?

I can study or read articles online or even books that involves tips for practice. This mean I will be able to set myself up in advance for when I get older I can prepare myself for the test!

Avery’s Avatar
Avery Jun 04, 2023 550 views

I'm getting trash talked at work, what do I do??

(TLDR at the end, but I would recommend you actually read the whole thing.) I'm 15 and I work with some other teenagers so my mom said it was normal im getting trash talked since. yknow. they're teens. But it's not the teens that i'm having a problem with, It's the literal grown adults. I...