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Sierra’s Avatar
Sierra Oct 19, 2016 593 views

What are the best value colleges for an engineering degree?

I'd like to go to a good school for engineering (it doesn't have to be the best) and spend the least amount of money possible. What good schools are also affordable? Which ones are most likely to give me (a woman interested in aerospace engineering) the most scholarship money? #college #engineering

Remy’s Avatar
Remy May 11, 2016 621 views

What classes or schools do I need to go to to become a nurse?

Kayren W. - 1st Grader. Likes Physical Education, Science and Art.
#nurse #hospital-and-health-care #medicine #college

Remy’s Avatar
Remy May 11, 2016 583 views

What colleges or film schools should I go to for dancing and acting?

Madelin C. - 4th Grader. Likes Math, Dancing, and Technology.
Wants to be a dancer or actress. #acting #dance

Rebecca’s Avatar
Rebecca May 05, 2016 875 views

What kind of training do I need to become a cosmotologist?

I really enjoy makeup and the art behind the profession #beauty #cosmetologist

Makaila’s Avatar
Makaila Oct 27, 2016 666 views

Do I have to take Pre-dental course requirements before I take dental hygiene course requirements ?

Hi I am a freshman in college and currently signing up for my spring classes online and I was a little curious and confused by pre-dental and dental hygiene. #dental-hygienist #dental-hygiene #dental-practice

Samantha’s Avatar
Samantha May 27, 2016 636 views

How do I pick a major?

Im still not sure what im looking to do or if theres something that will fit my interest. #business #children #pyschology

Jesse’s Avatar
Jesse Apr 25, 2016 964 views

What exactly is engineering?

Kids in class are interested in learning more about this career. #engineering

Remy’s Avatar
Remy May 16, 2016 650 views

What level of math will I need to learn, to become a robotics engineer?

Chris P. - 5th Grader
Likes Reading and Math #engineer #math

sherika’s Avatar
sherika May 13, 2016 609 views

Is it a wise choice to go into the LVN/LPN program?

I am asking this because I am having a hard time finding a job as a medical assistant in my area. The thing is that I know that some places are wanting nurses to have their BSN. So I am wondering if they are going to get rid of LVN/LPN jobs. So I'm not sure if it is good to get this certificate...

Remy’s Avatar
Remy May 10, 2016 718 views

What kind of technologies should I learn if I want to be in the army?

Carlos G - 5th Grader - Boys & Girls Club of Austin Area #military #us-army-military

Kiana’s Avatar
Kiana May 04, 2016 968 views

What skills do you need to become a chemical engineer?

During the summer I did a UTeach camp and we were learning about engineering things that I was interested in.

Tre’s Avatar
Tre May 13, 2016 946 views

What do you do during a typical day at work? How do you decide what things to make?

I am in the 4th grade and when i grow up I want to become an Engineer. Im not sure what I want to make yet.

Caleb’s Avatar
Caleb Jan 09, 2017 658 views

What are some of the options for an undergrad with a BA in History?

I'll be graduating soon and there seems to be no real life options for someone with a BA in History except to press on towards a MA in History. I need a job and want one in this field. #history #historian #historical-research #biblical-history #historical-writing

Spirit’s Avatar
Spirit Oct 24, 2016 1016 views

How does a forensic scientist deal with the emotional aspects of the job?

I intend to pursue forensic science, and I'm leaning toward lab work primarily instead of investigating crime scenes. Given that I will be assisting with solving cases involving people who have been assaulted or murdered, I'd like to know how the emotional response to other humans being hurt...

Elvira’s Avatar
Elvira May 16, 2016 690 views

Would becoming a math teacher be stressful?

I was wondering if becoming math teacher would be difficult an stressful, because so far anyone who has asked me about my major and i've replied with math, they've said good luck. #career #professor #math

Tamara’s Avatar
Tamara Oct 25, 2016 1541 views

When it comes to teaching math what is the best grade to work with?

I have always wanted to be a math teacher and I love kids, but I was wondering if there are certain grades or topics that are better to teach. #teaching #education #math #mathematics-education

Darius’s Avatar
Darius Oct 25, 2016 1350 views

What does a computer engineer typically accomplish in a day of work?

I'm planning to major in computer engineering, but I'm not sure what kind of work expect and whether I want to go into computer hardware or software engineering. #computer-software #engineering #computer #computer-hardware

Kiran’s Avatar
Kiran Feb 27, 2017 558 views

Does community college required

I want to know does University of the District of Columbia community college required any test to get admission in associate degree? #college #college-admissions #columbia-university

Becca’s Avatar
Becca May 17, 2016 753 views

How do I become a pilot?

Is it better to go into the military or college? #pilot

Javonte’s Avatar
Javonte May 24, 2016 2095 views

What game/activities do you like the most?

I want to know what inspires you to do your job? #tech #robotics

Javonte’s Avatar
Javonte May 24, 2016 1519 views

What is your job?

I want to know what you do and the differences between the jobs.

Sierra’s Avatar
Sierra Oct 19, 2016 765 views

What is the best kind of business degree for an engineer to get on the side?

I'm going to get at least an undergraduate degree in engineering but I'd like to have some degree in business to open up career options. I was thinking about just minoring in management or finance or maybe getting some sort of master's degree. I could maybe work as an engineer and after a few...

Tre’s Avatar
Tre May 09, 2016 559 views

What kind of breakfast do you eat?

I want to be a police officer. What should I eat to be healthy on the job? #police

Darius’s Avatar
Darius Oct 25, 2016 666 views

Do computer software engineers improve applications for phones or strictly computers?

I only have a vague knowledge at the moment of what a computer software engineer typically works on and I'm curious as to if their limited to innovating on laptop and desktop computers or if they can also extend their reach to devices like cell phones and game systems as well....

Jesse’s Avatar
Jesse Apr 25, 2016 733 views

What are the requirements for civil engineering?

Kids in class are interested in learning more about this career. #civil-engineering

Tre’s Avatar
Tre May 10, 2016 648 views

How do you decide who gets to help you out in class?

I want to be a teacher when I grow. I like when my teachers pick me to help in class. Why do you pick certain kids to help? #teacher

Samantha’s Avatar
Samantha May 27, 2016 505 views

Whats the best way to succeed in class?

IM worried about passing and having a hard time transitioning from high school to college #social

Jesse’s Avatar
Jesse Apr 25, 2016 600 views

Where can I go for more information on engineering studies and careers?

Kids in class are interested in learning more about this career. #engineering

Cole’s Avatar
Cole May 19, 2016 544 views

How exclusive is the vet program

I'm looking at becoming a vet I'm just wondering how hard the program is to get into #veterinary-medicine #veterinary-technician

Marcos’s Avatar
Marcos May 19, 2016 758 views

How do folks with Photography degrees begin their career after graduation? How do you break into commercial photography?

I am on the edge of graduating. However, I am trying to figure out how to begin to look for work once I obtain my degree in photography in December. #art #photography #fashion-photography #videography #commercial-photography #fine-art-photography

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