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Lake Mary, Florida

Within 40 mile radius
Yaineliz’s Avatar
Yaineliz Nov 21 69 views

Advise to choose a carrear?

If I like biology what career should I study? Im also interestect in veterinary and pottery?

victoria’s Avatar
victoria Nov 08 64 views

how can i be better?

idk what to put

reed’s Avatar
reed Oct 31 58 views

How do i make the world better place?

i feel like because of human activity it made the world worse and i hope it gets better soon and we should care about the environment more.

Yaineliz’s Avatar
Yaineliz Oct 29 79 views

Best Biology branch?

Which branch of biology is the best in your opinion?

Adrian’s Avatar
Adrian Oct 28 111 views

Jobs for highschoolers?

What are the best jobs for a highschooler student that has good hours and good pay.

Isabella’s Avatar
Isabella Oct 20 104 views

How to find the right career/major for you.?

I don’t know what to choose for my major and I really need to know. I am in high school and I still don’t know what to choose for my future life.

Simon’s Avatar
Simon Oct 18 130 views

What is the requirements for med school?


Makyla’s Avatar
Makyla Oct 01 82 views

Why are colleges so different ?

I don't know what to put

Mora’s Avatar
Mora Sep 19 103 views

How to plan for first job?

How do I schedule job hours with after-school activities in high school? I have no idea how job schedules work for part-time jobs.

Lisa’s Avatar
Lisa Sep 16 70 views

How much is the minimum wage for childcare ?

I’m currently looking for a job in childcare for a preschool and is wondering if you have to have a degree or not. I’m also wondering how much the minimum wage is for childcare

Veronica’s Avatar
Veronica Sep 14 134 views

What online jobs can a 16 year old take that delivers a good enough income?

A good enough income would be about 14 to 17 dollars an hr.

aaliyeh’s Avatar
aaliyeh Sep 13 173 views

I’m interested in becoming a veterinarian but not sure what Associates Degree to choose ?

Hi i’m a senior in high school and i’m interested in becoming a veterinarian! I currently work at a private vet clinic so I get first experience what vet life would be like and I love it. I’m not sure if I should get my A.S (associates in science) or just my regular A.A?

Cornelia’s Avatar
Cornelia Sep 08 209 views

What do you need to become a homicide detective ?

What do degree do you have to get in order to be able to become a homicide detective? I have been wondering that for ages. Do you need one? Or you could just apply?

Lina’s Avatar
Lina Sep 06 124 views

How would I go about funding a second Bachelor's degree?

I honestly did not enjoy my first experience with my first BS degree. The school was not a great fit for me, and if I had been honest with myself about what I wanted for my education, I would've transferred to a school that was (distance wise) closer to my hometown and had a unique major that I...

Lina’s Avatar
Lina Sep 06 136 views

Should I get a second bachelor's degree if I didn't like my career-oriented classes in my first BS degree?

I loved my lower division classes for my Bachelor's. I majored in Interactive Design, and my less-career related classes included drawing, color theory, and visual communication. As I got into the upper division classes, I found I enjoyed them less and less. It's been several years since I...

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