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Trenton, New Jersey

Within 40 mile radius
Anirud’s Avatar
Anirud 14 hours ago 127 views

What is the best way to keep having motivation?

I have interest in computer science and STEM.

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diksha 2 days ago 144 views

how do you network more efficiently?

how do you network more efficiently? i struggle with meeting new people and establishing good connections that will benefit me in the future. i miss out on a lot of opportunities this way.

Preya’s Avatar
Preya 2 days ago 99 views

What steps can I take to align my career aspirations with the current market demands and emerging trends in my field?

What steps can I take to align my career aspirations with the current market demands and emerging trends in my field?

Julie’s Avatar
Julie Feb 20 516 views

What can you tell me about Nuclear Medical Technology?

Hello! I'm on a journey to find a new career path. I decided to get into medical imaging. There are so many options; Sonography, Nuclear Medical Technology, etc. and I'm unsure what would be best for me. I originally started looking into a Digital Medical Imaging program and with further...

Alison’s Avatar
Alison Feb 13 768 views

Industry Accountants - how much did you have to remember from school?

Hi, I am a junior in college currently majoring in accounting and I plan on working in industry. I worry a lot as graduation comes closer because I haven’t really retained things and even if I brush up on the basics it’s not like I’ll be a professional and know how to do an entry for...

Elizabeth’s Avatar
Elizabeth Feb 10 278 views

How do I find managers/companies and get started on acting?

Hi, I'm Liz, 15. I'm trying to make a career out of acting in films.

Summer’s Avatar
Summer Feb 09 306 views

Publishing Research Papers?

Hi, I am currently in highschool and I would like to publish a research paper, I would like to work on researching either Bipolar Disorder or Appropriation in the 21st century, do you have any advice? (I currently in the process of getting a mentor)

Summer’s Avatar
Summer Feb 09 371 views

Any recommendations on how I can start a humanitarian aid organization?

Do you have any recommendations on how to start a humanitarian aid organization

Ivana’s Avatar
Ivana Jan 31 403 views

what made you decide your career? was there some life changing eye opening moment?

What was the life changing moment that made you decide right then and there this is what you wanted to do in the future?

Layana’s Avatar
Layana Jan 27 284 views

when i have to learn coding ?

when i have to learn coding ?

karen’s Avatar
karen Jan 25 480 views

What is the quickest way to become a registered nurse midwife? Does it help to have experience shadowing? If so, what are some more opportunities to make the process faster?

I want to know the quickest and most efficient way to get through this process of becoming a nurse midwife. Also, am I less likely to get a job opportunity if I go to online college for my BA? Thanks!

karen’s Avatar
karen Jan 23 243 views

I am wondering if I start off being a midwife, is there a way I can switch in middle to a nurse midwife? Also, how much years off school total is it to be a midwife, and a nurse midwife? What is the difference between them? Thanks!

I am in 10th grade, and I am interested in the field of labor and delivery. I find women to be amazing and I would love to be part of the process, to bring more babies into this world! I am interested in Biology and anatomy and physiology.

John’s Avatar
John Jan 20 259 views

Why is the college process so complex?

I applied to many colleges and the process is just so different for each college.

John’s Avatar
John Jan 20 428 views

How can I get internships in college?

Am i able to get internships in my freshman year of college or are they available later on?

Bhupendra’s Avatar
Bhupendra Jan 09 267 views

What are few good universities to pursue online affordable MS related to computer science?

What are few best universities to pursue online affordable masters that don't need GRE?

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