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Art is found in many careers. Technology, music, painting, and welding are some of the many artistic careers available. For more information, please read below.

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Julien V. May 13, 2015

What does the future really hold for a soon to be Graphic Design professional? Is it as bleak and hopeless as everyone makes it seem? Should I switch Majors?

A lot of questions I know but I am a sophomore (soon to be junior) Graphic Design student at MICA and I am having a crisis. Ever since I have been home I have not been able to find any internships or work in my field. Nobody wants to hire me for anything at all. I thought I had a strong...

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Curtis L. May 12, 2015

What ART degrees can go a long way and provide multiple careers?

I have been in college for digital design for 3 years but am not sure if that's the career I want. I do love art and want to continue that education, but I am struggling to find what art degree (s) can take you more places than just one. #college #education #art #design...


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Alea S. May 05, 2015

What is one of the most versatile major?

I am not quite sure what to major in. i have so many interests and i feel like i need a major that can help me with several different types of job opportunities till i find my most ideal career. #business #doctor #nursing #art #communications...


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Leigh L. Mar 24, 2015

What types of jobs are available at Adult Swim?

I was thinking about working on the production team of The Boondocks, and I just wanted to know what a person could do if they wanted to work there? #art...


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Leigh L. Mar 24, 2015

What does a person do at Disney University?

I'm hoping to participate in Disney University, or the Disney college program, and I would like to know what it's like. #art...


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Serena H. Mar 24, 2015

How do concept artist get into larger careers with large companies, like Blizzard Entertainment or Disney?

I am a high school student, entering into college without a specific major in mind. I want to study psychology, neuroscience, and computer science. However, my greatest passion is sketching. I have started to build my portfolio with paintings and computer software. #computer-science #art...

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Makayla B. Feb 26, 2015

Does the Art Institute offer film class?

If I don'e to into my target colleges I am going to go to the Art Institute. I really want to know what film classes do the offer #art...


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Sahira S. Feb 16, 2015

Careers related to Arts and the Environment

I'm open to suggestions about professional careers relating to arts and environment sustainability. All I can think of is architecture, but I wouldn't want to limit myself just towards that field. Plus, I'm currently in Malaysia, so it would be better if the jobs are available here. #art...

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Victor V. Dec 03, 2014

I want to be an anime artist, make comic books, tv show and video games but I dont where to start or what college to go to.

I'm in 11 grade and I'n hoping to work for Funimation when I finish school. I draw my own anime characters and also write story line for them. I am a naturally born artist, I enjoy drawing and teaching my self new techniques daily. #art #comics #anime...


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R W. Sep 15, 2014

What career suits me best??

For my a-levels, i'm currently studying chemistry, physics, maths and econs. My ambition is to be an architect but i didn't take art for alevels, I really do love and enjoy designing and maths. What other alternative careers are there? Or is it still okay to be an architect without taking art?...

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Sage K. Apr 29, 2014

What are some colleges that are strong in math, art, and science?

Hi, I'm a sophomore in high school, and I'm interested in math, art and science. I'm starting to think about what colleges I will want to apply to, and I was wondering what are some I may want to look at. Do you have any recommendations? I'm not really sure about the size of the school I...

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Sage K. Apr 29, 2014

To go into graphic design, should I go to an art college, or a normal college that has a strong art program?

I am really interested in art, math, science, and computers, and I've been thinking about going into graphic design. I was wondering whether it's better to go to a college focused on art, or just one that has a strong art program. Also, would I want to put together a portfolio if I decided to...

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Sage K. Apr 23, 2014

Should I do art as a career or just as a hobby?

I'm a sophomore in high school and I am very interested in art. However, I also really enjoy other subjects like math and science. I wanted to know what the pros and cons would be of going to an art college and majoring in art. Also, what would be the pros and cons of focusing on something in...

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Julie M. Apr 14, 2014

When applying to a college with an art major, what would make an appealing portfolio?

I want to go to a college with a major along the art subject, but I don't actually know what kind of art would colleges be looking for (whether the work should be realistic or not). I would like some tips to help me build up my portfolio, although there could be some colleges that don't require...

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Julie M. Apr 09, 2014

How could art contribute towards having a successful job and life?

I'm currently in 11th grade, and now I'm considering on what I should do when I'm out of high school. I'm often interested in applying my artwork towards my own future. However, I was told several times that I could never make a living out of art and that it should be treated as a hobby. I felt...

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Rianne E. Apr 08, 2014

What are some high school courses required for someone majoring in Art&Humanities and Psychology?

I am a junior in high school and I am very interested in what kind of classes are needed for my passion #college #art #school #therapy...


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Ricky D. Apr 08, 2014

Is there a well paying job that involves writing and music that is not journalism?

I make music and I love writing and I just want to be able to do both in my daily life, so I wanted to know if there is a job that incorporates both and also pays well. #music #art #money #writing #english...


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Brian G. Apr 08, 2014

How can you maintain a good career within the fields of Art?

I've heard of people struggling when it comes to having a good stable career in Art professions,and I would like to know what know what can you do to have a good back or functional career on your shoulders?...


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Rianne E. Apr 08, 2014

What major should I go through with if I love Art and the study of the brain ?

I want to help people in different ways. I am not necessarily great at all Arts but I love having people express themselves in the Art? #science #psychology #health...


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Mariana C. Apr 08, 2014

How much would a typical income be for a photographer straight out of college?

I'm a Junior in high school and am interested in photography, but I'm unsure if this can be a stable career. #art...


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Marc V. Apr 08, 2014

What are good programs to use when beginning graphic design?

I'm asking this question because I would like to start doing graphic design and I was curious on where I would start. #art #design...


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Manuel B. Apr 08, 2014

How should you start in the Graphic Design industry

I've found graphic design as something interesting and I wanted to know how to get started. #art #design...


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Rianne E. Apr 07, 2014

What type of jobs can a person who is majoring in Art Therapy in college?

I am in my junior year of high school and I want a realistic point of view of the types of jobs I can get after college and deciding if I should still major in Art Therapy? #psychology #art...


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Erika C. Apr 01, 2014

Is it stressful to be a tattoo artist? Or, what is mandatory to know to be a tattoo artist?

I am asking this because I am deeply in love with art #art...


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Jasmine M. Mar 31, 2014

whats the next step in the fashion industry if you already get to school ? ( such as working for someone in the fashion industry)

I am asking because I attend the high school of fashion industries and I had my first fashion show but i would like to be more involved in the fashion industry.I would like to have to have jobs for now in this field . #art #fashion #magazine...


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Jeffrey L. Mar 28, 2014
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Jeffrey L. Mar 26, 2014

What is the average salary for Art Directors?

I want to learn more about art directors #art...


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Khristen W. Mar 26, 2014
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Amanda B. Mar 25, 2014

As a creative writer, what artistic classes should I take in order to heighten my perspective on creativity?

I want to double major in theater and creative writing, and I want to be sure about the classes I have to take so I don't lose any inspiration for my work. #art...