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Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel May 27, 2023 246 views

How can I start a vending machine business?

I'm 16 wanting to start a vending machine business

Justin’s Avatar
Justin May 31, 2023 842 views

How do you get up everyday to go to work?

What is your motivator?

Amaris’s Avatar
Amaris Jun 06, 2023 218 views

How do you start a small business?

I would like to start a small business so that I can have a source of income when I move out but I'm not exactly sure how I should go about setting it up or what needs to be done before I launch the business.

vivian’s Avatar
vivian Jun 06, 2023 349 views

What are some freelancing requirements or tips ?

What does it take to be a freelance artist/graphic designer? Does it require anything or do you just start? Is there also any strategy to marketing to an audience?

Celso’s Avatar
Celso Jun 07, 2023 516 views

Could building a computer be called a job?

I'm very passionate about it, but among them, building computers is my favorite because I enjoy putting things together. However, I'm worried that nowadays almost anyone can build a computer by themselves and without their assistance

Rie’s Avatar
Rie Jun 08, 2023 261 views

Do you need a license to start a business?

Do you need a license?

Evelyn’s Avatar
Evelyn Jun 08, 2023 245 views

How to get people to notice your business?

I want to be a designer idc if I design houses or clothing I want to create my own business when I’m out of school but idk how people that create businesses make people notice them so I was wondering how the do it?

Ingrid’s Avatar
Ingrid Jun 09, 2023 725 views

High school courses for law school?

What high school courses to take if I’m interested in law after high school .

Joseph’s Avatar
Joseph Jun 09, 2023 1110 views

Is it possible to balance many different careers and how does one do so? What have been the best financial decisions that you have made since high school for a steady adulthood? (You can answer both, one, or neither.)

I just recently graduated high school and I've thinking about taking a multidisciplinary career with a combination of different STEM paths (computer science, teaching, health e.g. therapy and psychiatry, environmental science, etc.)

Amirah’s Avatar
Amirah Jun 09, 2023 469 views

What media or sources can help me better my communication, comprehensive skills , and targeting audiences ?

I have many business ideas I want to profit from but I don’t know how to get advertising out .

Melinda’s Avatar
Melinda Jan 30, 2023 951 views

What careers use AI/Machine Learning?

I'm interested in getting a career in AI. Which jobs work with it regularly and what education should I get to get there?

Shameka’s Avatar
Shameka Jun 01, 2023 1597 views

How to connect computer science with data science?

I'm studying computer science as my major, but I have been interested in data science and data analytics. I was wondering what career paths or integrations I can do with programming and other skills related to computer science.

ERINE FERNANDA Jun 09, 2023 428 views

hi my name is Erine I am 15 years old and i want to be an entrepreneur im still learning about it and i want to be in the marketing business and to all business women and men how was the first time, and did you become successful on the first shot, or many failures did you deal with. one more question do you regret following your passion?

am i too young to follow my passion of being succesful

issac’s Avatar
issac Jun 09, 2023 314 views

How do i start work at 13?

How do i start work at 13?

Cj’s Avatar
Cj Jun 01, 2023 1199 views

How do i become a software engineer

I want to become a software engineer, but I dont know where to start.