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Screenwriting and corporate media
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O'Neals, CA
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Leane’s Avatar
Leane Jan 03 718 views

How do you choose which path to take after finishing your B.A.?

I'm currently in my senior year of a Bachelor's degree in Performing Arts (creative writing minor). I've always wanted to do lots of different jobs and I'm still not sure about what I want to do after graduating! I'm thinking of becoming a writer (screenwriter, poet, songwriter). Maybe I should...

Luke’s Avatar
Luke Aug 17, 2023 304 views

What is it like being a writer for a movie or TV show?

Hello. I will become a High School Junior next week, and I am interested in writing movies and TV shows as one of my possible careers (others include editing and acting), and i wanted to know what the daily life of a writer was as a reference to see if ill like that career path. Thanks!

danika’s Avatar
danika Jul 19, 2023 229 views

For film and television production, how do I meet new people and find more experiences?

I am currently starting school studying film and television production and I want to be as prepared for my future as possible. Thank you!

Megan’s Avatar
Megan Jul 29, 2023 146 views

What is the best way to market myself?

I want to be seen as someone who is professional and creative to my professors while still enjoying my college life and being relaxed. Im just looking for some advice on how to balance professionalism and being more casual in college.

Padma’s Avatar
Padma Jun 12, 2023 160 views

What should I major in for a prospective journalist?

What is it like being a journalism major? Is it a worthy major to go into, and what other majors would be recommended if my college doesn't offer it? As well, is grad school necessary for going into the field of journalism?

Sahmae’s Avatar
Sahmae Jun 20, 2023 245 views

What professional activities or internships are available to students that will best prepare me, with experience, to enter into the education field (at the college level) once completing my master's in education #spring23 #educator #education #teacher #professor?

I am looking to enter into the education field as a college professor and I am in need of guidance.

Arvin’s Avatar
Arvin Jun 21, 2023 241 views

How to become a professor?

I am looking at possible colleges and careers. As of right now, becoming a college professor sounds really cool to me. What level of education do I need? How long would it take?

Nova’s Avatar
Nova Jun 18, 2023 195 views

How good of an idea is it to work on your doctorate at the same time as being an adjunct professor?

I'm a high school senior and aspiring linguistics major who intends to become a professor and obtain their PhD. I've heard about adjunct professorship and that while it is very important to become a tenured professor, it's as time-intensive as tenured professorship with significantly less pay....

hannah’s Avatar
hannah Jul 10, 2023 218 views

Hi!What would you suggest if you wanted to get started on a film career (whether that be on the screen or production team), as a teenager in high school Thank you!??

I am also wondering which colleges would you recommend and what i should have on my resume to be considered. Also, how to immerse myself in film within my community.

carmen’s Avatar
carmen Jul 12, 2023 229 views

How do i continue writing with writers block ?

I don’t know how to flow with writing if every few weeks i get the worst writer’s block. I love writing but i don’t know how to continue with the profession i wanna pursue if i continue to have writers block.

Lilliana’s Avatar
Lilliana Jul 13, 2023 233 views

What can I do to get more experience in film?

How do I get into the field of film making without any experience? And what can I do to get experience?