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Jaime R. Aug 29 43 views

auto what do you like about the career

I wanna be an auto mechanic. My name is Jaime Rodriguez. I'm from Madera. #mechanical #engineer #engineering #mechanics...


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Carina S. Mar 19, 2018 178 views

What are three suggestions on the best way to network?

My plans are to attend a career fair in the future and my hopes are to network, so that I can find an internship....


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Cheyenne F. Aug 01 36 views
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Lissette C. Aug 29 25 views

What is something a registered nurse hoped they had known before starting in that occupation ?

I'm currently in training for medical assisting and want to become a RN. I have allot of interest in this field for this occupation. I'm excited to learn more about the services they provide to help people. Just want to cover some concerns #nursing...


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Sofie C. Mar 14, 2014 812 views

Is the job outlook for a teacher decrease in the upcoming years?

I am current junior that attends a high school where we as students learn the content from internet resources and not from a teacher. This makes me really sad and afraid that what I want to become when I grow up will not exist anymore due to the new technology and computer-based learning.I love...

#job-outlook #unemployment #careers #education #college

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Edgar C. May 10 66 views
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quasean B. Aug 29 18 views
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Christian M. Aug 29 13 views
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Jared C. Nov 02, 2016 311 views

What is one thing I can do after school as a high school student to set myself up for a career in community management?

Your average high school sophomore has an hour of travel to get home after school, followed by several hours of homework. What are some things that they can do with those flex hours after school to increase their chances of being ready for a career in community management? _This is part of a...


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Samuel E. Jul 18 38 views

What kind of advancement is available to Carpenters?

I'm currently training at San Jose Job Corps to become a carpenter. I've been giving thought to the idea of becoming a Journeyman Carpenter, but am not sure if that's where I'd like to ultimately end up. #carpentry #construction #advancement...


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Omar C. Aug 01 82 views

1. What do you like about your career?

Learning about computer technology in Job Corps in San Jose, CA, U.S.A. #computer #technology...


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Daniel R. Aug 14 36 views

Why did you choose this certain career?

I am 20 years old and attending job corps in San Jose looking to start up my career. #career-choice...


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Valerie B. Mar 13, 2018 250 views
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Viansa S. Jul 17 107 views

What is the process of choosing a major?

I'm not referring to the thought process or experimentation. I'm asking what you have to do in order to declare a major. Is there an administrator who you typically speak to and declare? Can you declare mid-year? If you go in undecided, how long before you have to declare or switch? Is it...

#major #college-major #undecided #college

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