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Patricia I. Sep 04 39 views

How many credits do we need to finish highschool?

I'm in the 9th grade, and just trying to know how many credits do I need to finish highschool....


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Dominque O. Sep 04 46 views

How many years do you have to do to be a neonatal nurse

I am a a high school junior and when i get to the 12th and graduate I want to go to college and study #career neonatal...

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Tatiyana R. Sep 18 51 views

What is something I will need to know about being a hairstylist?

I'm Tatiyana and I am a 10th grader. I already know the basics of hair and how to braid hair. I don't know how to braid to the scalp just yet. So could some of you all give me a few tips on how to do that. Also some things I would need to know. #cosmetology #anyone #general...


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Tenzin L. Oct 06 34 views

How do I become a nursing major?

I'm currently a Bio major, on the pre-med track. I wanted to know how to become a nursing major....


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Devon S. Oct 12 47 views

Best way to ask for a recommendation letter to a PsyD program

Hello, I am in the process of applying to PsyD programs and started to gather recommendation letters. I am finding it very anxiety provoking to ask current and past employers for recommendation letters for my application. I would love some advice on the best ways to ask for recommendation...

#psyd #psychology #career #strategy #gradschool #psychologist #recommendations