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Steve Jacobson

Creative Leader/Content Creator/Producer/Editor/Storyteller
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Westlake Village, California
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Chloe May 17 387 views

What's the best technique for a final essay?

With finals coming up, I have research papers due. What's the best technique in terms of editing, revision, etc.?

Pearl’s Avatar
Pearl May 19 264 views

How do I write very short stories to animate?

So I wanted to post small animation content on social media like Instagram and LinkedIn. But I find it hard to create a good content strategy. I don't know where to start with writing, what kind of story will be good, or how to keep it short. I would really appreciate any help with this. Thank you.

Zana’s Avatar
Zana May 01 116 views

What do I need to know to start a part on becoming a TV host? How can I become a TV host? Why are there only few people in that career parth..?

I have a passion for speaking and sharing information and knowledge with people....and I look forward to doing it for the rest of my life. Thank you.

Pearl’s Avatar
Pearl May 04 664 views

How to prepare for an art intern interview for an advertising agency company that works in various areas such as film, animation, and mobile apps?

Can anyone give me some steps and suggestions that would be helpful for the interview? I will be thankful for the advice.

Kayla’s Avatar
Kayla Apr 29 275 views

How do I become a digital editor?

I wanna be a digital editor like create designs, graphic designs, drawing, sketching and etc. I also have a passion for being an author or an illustrator as I got inspiration into writing my own books even in the process of getting it published. However, I wanna know how to get my book published.

Kristin’s Avatar
Kristin Apr 24 399 views

What should my major be Lawyer, pharmacist, producer.?

I pretty much have 3 options I've narrowed it down to. Lawyer, pharmacist, music producer. Lawyer because I like to argue & I'm pretty good with backing up my reasons + they make a good amount of money, but it is possible it won't work out because I can't find a good law firm to work for....

G’s Avatar
G Apr 20 443 views

where should i start to get into the film industry?

please help

Nicole’s Avatar
Nicole Apr 10 306 views

What does it take to be in the film industry?

I've been told by my film teachers that it's about networking and how much you get along with everyone on set. I'd like to know if there are any other obstacles.

ferran’s Avatar
ferran Apr 02 362 views

how to be an active listener?

listen carefuly

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Mar 31 422 views

As an English major, would Psychology be beneficial to me?

I am planning on getting my BA in English-Creative Writing and Professional writing but I also have an interest in Psychology. I plan on doing Journalism and working with either a paper or magazine while also doing my own book.

Sophia’s Avatar
Sophia Mar 25 368 views

What is the main goal of an Film and Video Editor?

What is the main goal and purpose of a Film and Video Editor?

Sophia’s Avatar
Sophia Mar 25 298 views

Do Producers and Directors work with Video and Film Editors?

Is becoming a FIlm & Video Editors hard to become in the future?

Kyle’s Avatar
Kyle Mar 23 428 views

What is the best path I would need to go after to become a Photographer Or Videographer ?

I've been doing wildlife photography and making my own videos on YouTube and Instagram. I have started a business but would like to work for a company or people. I applied for video productions this fall, but would like to find photography jobs beforehand that I can have experience in doing...

Keira’s Avatar
Keira Mar 10 549 views

How a film director can collaborate with a worldwide film directors, and make new film's with together, and how they can find a producer for their future project's Expecting film directors to collaborate.?

How a film director can collaborate with a worldwide film directors, and make new film's with together, and how they can find a producer for their future project's?
Expecting film directors to collaborate.

Avila’s Avatar
Avila Mar 07 730 views

What's your opinion on The Los Angeles Film School?

I'm trying to decide where to study film to be a screenwriter and/or director. Is LA Film a good choice? Any better ones?