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Largo, Florida

Within 40 mile radius
Tas’s Avatar
Tas Jun 19, 2023 1946 views

What courses should I take in high school to get a head start on an architecture focused major and what AP classes cover general education requirements for USF?

What courses should I take in high school to get a head start on an architecture focused major and what AP classes cover general education requirements for USF?

Emma’s Avatar
Emma Jun 16, 2023 570 views

What are some career choices for someone who is interested in computer science, design, architecture, and game development?

I'm worried I have too many interests and I don't know how to choose my major because I also want to make a lot of money and own my own business but I'm not sure.


Keaira’s Avatar
Keaira Jun 13, 2023 322 views

How can one stand out beyond meeting expectations in an interview. What does going above and beyond in an interview look like beyond the standard “best practices”.?

I’ve been on interviews where I know I meet the requirements, I have the qualifications, and I am both calculated and personable during the interviews, meeting all the industry standards and applying techniques but still get passed up on opportunities that I’d be perfect for? I’ve nailed many...

vivian’s Avatar
vivian Jun 06, 2023 381 views

What are some freelancing requirements or tips ?

What does it take to be a freelance artist/graphic designer? Does it require anything or do you just start? Is there also any strategy to marketing to an audience?

Jypsie’s Avatar
Jypsie May 21, 2023 405 views

As a freshman in high school who in the future wants to voice at what do you think I should start doing now to develop my voice acting skills for in the future when I'm able to voice act

I like to watch animated series such as anime and cartoons so I'm very interested in voice acting in one of my favorite animes that was not having English voiceover yet

Tria’s Avatar
Tria May 20, 2023 206 views

Why is it so difficult as a Gen Z to get a job?

Any job that requires me to work as a beginner when i have more experience

Destiny’s Avatar
Destiny May 20, 2023 287 views

How do how do I sign up for more scholarships?

There are multiple sources of information that you can get scholarships from there's and scholarship owl or you can go to your college career counselor and they can help you figure out what scholarships best work for you

Alisyn’s Avatar
Alisyn May 13, 2023 549 views

What is is like being an actor? How do you memorize lines and do your job on a daily basis

I am very passionate about becoming an actor and I just need some tips about it and information about it because I know that there's still a lot I don't know about acting

Angela’s Avatar
Angela May 09, 2023 302 views

How would I better prepare myself if I want to pursue in a business major?

I'm currently in 9th grade right now and I'm trying to find out different ways on how I can get myself into a business major.

Neela’s Avatar
Neela Apr 27, 2023 463 views

What is the difference between baseline computer science and data science/analytics?

Can a business degree include data science? Also does it still count as a STEM field?

Payton’s Avatar
Payton Apr 23, 2023 459 views

How to write a resume ?

This is My first resume so I need help

kris’s Avatar
kris Apr 21, 2023 552 views

what are some good colleges ?

I'm in 9th grade I would like to try and get a scholarship to a very good college I like fashion design and sewing cooking and baking and I love to do sports like volleyball and basketball

Luna’s Avatar
Luna Apr 16, 2023 409 views

How do you start your college essay?

What are some tips with coming up with a college essay that stands out?

Danielle’s Avatar
Danielle Apr 06, 2023 399 views

When should someone start studying for the SAT?

I’m in 9th grade right now. Should I already be studying for it??

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Mar 06, 2023 352 views

What is it like to be a theology teacher?

What is it like to be a Catholic Highschool Theology Teacher? I am thinking about going into theology but i am not sure what is the best way to reach that goal.

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