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Jaeyeong Apr 22 623 views

I don't know what to do in college?

I am a 16-year-old Korean who dropped out of high school and took the high school graduation test. I want to start a beverage business in the future. I want to do business in the U.S. or abroad, not here in Korea. I am currently wondering which college major I should choose. Should I go to...

Maxwell’s Avatar
Maxwell Apr 22 825 views

How to start a career in accounting ?

How to start a career in accounting ?

Mark’s Avatar
Mark Apr 23 701 views

Will I get opportunities to shift across technologies in IT companies like IBM, Capgemini?

In my internship, I got to work across a couple of tech.. Can I do that in large IT companies or will they make me stick to a random tech ?

Oscar’s Avatar
Oscar Apr 25 721 views

What is something that can help me figure out the career path I would want?

I really enjoy things that i can focus and get into the zone in and i just need to figure out what those things are

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Nadia Apr 22 612 views

How do I prepare thoroughly for an interview? Any advice?

Advice on:
Volunteering, Internships or College admission interviews

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Sam Apr 24 344 views

What side projects can I do as a beginner coder if I want to go into Data Science?

I have a decent foundation in Python, and I want to elevate my skills in data analytics/science. Are there any small projects I could do?

Madison’s Avatar
Madison Apr 26 566 views

What are the benefits in a career in business or finance? Also what careers are in these fields?

I am a high school junior who is looking into which major I'd like to pursue.
#finance #career #business #realestate #investment

Miguel’s Avatar
Miguel Apr 25 743 views

Former consultants - If you made the jump to industry after working in consulting, how did that work for you?

I am very excited to know that I'll be working as a strategy consultant soon after graduation! However, I am considering 'making the jump' to industry later on in life to work at a more specific company that aligns with the changes I'd like to see in the world. (My dream would be to work for a...

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Abbey Apr 25 668 views

What would be the best majors for someone interested in pursuing a career in interior design ?

I'm currently a freshman in college majoring in Marketing with a minor in Design. I might also double major or minor in Real Estate.

My school doesn't offer an Interior Design major - what would be the best majors for someone interested in pursuing a career in interior design?

Pearl’s Avatar
Pearl Apr 26 606 views

What are some job opportunities that don't demand high-level skills but still provide money to pay your bills?

I know skills are important for a successful career, but acquiring all those skills takes time. Meanwhile, you also need to pay your bills, so money is important too, right?

Hareem’s Avatar
Hareem Apr 24 513 views

What are some tips/tricks for interns to avoid feeling imposter syndrome at their workplace? #Spring24

I am a junior MIS student at UH looking forward to starting my ITPM internship this summer. I am trying to prepare myself mentally for this role and want to make the most out of it without getting caught up in feeling like an imposter or not fit for the role.

Jos’s Avatar
Jos Apr 28 231 views

Who is a petrochemical engineer?

What are the criteria to become an engineer

Md’s Avatar
Md Apr 28 271 views

How can i earn money at home.?

I have a computer . I can do graphics design.

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Md Apr 28 277 views

How can i earn money frome home?

I am a good designer

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Sierra Jul 29, 2020 469 views

What are some common jobs in Environmental Science that I could do, while staying local.

#environmentalscience #nature