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Calvin’s Avatar
Calvin Jun 07, 2016 727 views

Should I go to post-secondary if my heart really isn't in it?

I've never really been a fan of school, but jobs are hard to get and post-secondary degrees are usually the requirement. Is it bad that I'd major in something I don't have a passion for? #jobs #school

Tyler’s Avatar
Tyler Feb 26, 2017 2221 views

What is the most important soft skill for someone pursuing a career in sales managing?

My name is Tyler, I am in 12th grade at Pioneer Valley Regional School in Western Massachusetts. In my money managing class we are doing a unit to help widen our range of possible careers to pursue in college. As a result of my research and career quizzes, a potential career that came up for me...

Timothy’s Avatar
Timothy Apr 03, 2017 1153 views

How do you start networking?

Hi, I have a few questions regarding how to go about networking. From what I understand the practice of networking is about discussing career opportunities with people who are involved in the fields that interest you or just to help you get your foot in the door for finding a job. How do you...

Brittany’s Avatar
Brittany Apr 12, 2017 1288 views

Some tips on balancing college, work, and other aspects of your life?

I'm 20 and have been enrolled in community college since I was 16. It's been a roller-coaster as far as my academic performance; I've done well in many classes and failed just as many. I think the biggest factor of my failures is my tendency to procrastinate when I get overwhelmed or stressed....

Abigail’s Avatar
Abigail Mar 10, 2017 1074 views

When interviewing for a job, what should you answer when asked about your weaknesses?

Are there answers that show you are thoughtful and honest without ruining the chance of getting the job? What are companies really looking for? #interviews #college-jobs #summer-jobs #interviewing-skills #high-school-jobs

Angelina’s Avatar
Angelina Feb 08, 2017 8015 views

If you could go back in time and tell your younger-self one thing, what would it be?

What one piece of advice would you want to tell your younger self? Would it be something about jobs and careers, losses and struggles, life and love? What would it be? #business #medicine #marketing #financial-services #social-media #marketing-and-advertising #strategy #customer-service

Clear’s Avatar
Clear Apr 25, 2017 1306 views

Need career guidance for a counseling career

I am a currently a sophomore marketing major. My own experience with mental health makes me want to inspire others and help them live happily. I hope to apply for mental health counseling, family and relationship therapist, social work master (even to a phd counseling psychology.) My...

Josephine’s Avatar
Josephine Apr 27, 2017 1634 views

Unsure about future career?

Hi, I'm currently a sophomore in High School and I'm very indecisive on what career I want to pursue in life because my main interests are split between science and writing. How can I decide? #career #science #writing #english #undecided

Brandon’s Avatar
Brandon Feb 26, 2017 945 views

Does the amount of Federal Student Aid increase when applying for a 4 year college?

I am currently enrolled in a community college and have been granted $5,000 in student aid for full time, and was wondering if when I transfer that the amount granted would pay for the yearly tuition of a four-year school. #graduate-school #college-admissions #federal-government #federal-work-study

Marissa’s Avatar
Marissa Apr 26, 2017 1181 views

How do you balance school work, classes, and a job.

I have a part time job and a lot of school work to deal with on the daily. Is there a way to make it easier to handle so I do not feel like I am constantly being overwhelmed? #school #organization #part-time-job

Galina’s Avatar
Galina Apr 14, 2017 1328 views

How can I effectively use LinkedIn if I do not have many real-life connections?

I am a high school student and I created a LinkedIn account two years ago but I do not have much on my profile and only 4 connections. I am in school most of the time, so I do not have a lot of work or volunteering experience. My town is small and not a lot of people I associate with have a...

Ruth’s Avatar
Ruth May 24, 2016 709 views

What are some abilities needed for a registered nurse that can help you with your average work day?

Hello, my name is Ruth. I would like to know this, for I want to go into the medical field. In addition, I have been pointed more towards nursing, and I would like to know how their abilities allow them to help the peopl that surround them on a daily basis. #college #doctor #career #medicine...

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Apr 15, 2017 909 views

Are Ivy Leagues REALLY worth it?

Although there is already debate regarding this around the country, I decided to bring the discussion here. Is going to an Ivy League and/or prestigious school REALLY beneficial to one's career? #college #undergraduate #ivy-league #entry-level

Antonio ’s Avatar
Antonio Apr 25, 2017 1737 views

Any tips to help ease the worry of a good interview?

I recently got my permission to work in the U.S, but so far I've been struggling my interviews. I have been applying for several jobs and I've gotten call for interviews. When I do the interviews, I always try to give a good impression but after the interview I don't get call back about the...

Ena’s Avatar
Ena Apr 17, 2017 1455 views

Do you think of non-profit work experience?

I am finance second-year student. I plan to find a volunteering job as director of finance. #finance #volunteering