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abby’s Avatar
abby Aug 27, 2023 5317 views

why is having a job important ?

why is having a job important

Aniya’s Avatar
Aniya Aug 28, 2023 690 views

what can i do better in school to build up a career in business?

I'm taking a few classes like criminals justice but i know that helps out with law what classes do you think help with business?

Lauren’s Avatar
Lauren Jun 17, 2023 567 views

what would you say to a college freshman?

What is your best advice for someone who is about to be a freshman in college?

anna’s Avatar
anna Jun 17, 2023 742 views

What do colleges look for in your college transcripts?

I’m in 11th grade and starting to apply to colleges.

miley’s Avatar
miley Jun 17, 2023 348 views

When should I start looking/applying to colleges?

Im feeling somewhat anxious as the next school year approaches, I am going to be a junior (11th grade) in high school. Any advice that you can give is greatly appreciated.

Justice’s Avatar
Justice Jun 17, 2023 345 views

How can I get started on my career path?

How can I get started on my career path

chloe’s Avatar
chloe Jun 17, 2023 617 views

What can i do to stay motivated ?

what can i do to stay motivated and stay on track while juggling multiple tasks, both in and out of my educational field? I worry i’ll loose track and fall behind the curve…..

Camirah’s Avatar
Camirah Jun 15, 2023 414 views

Why is it so hard to look for colleges?

I'm a freshman and my parents want me to look for colleges but also want me to look for colleges that won't make me school broke.

Evie’s Avatar
Evie Jun 16, 2023 863 views

How do I know i can handle a job interview, What would i need to know for that?

I struggle with horrible anxiety and my parents honestly don't think i can even hand a job which sucks because i honesty want to make money and help my family so is there any advice i can get from anyone about jobs in general and what i should know about them and what can help to handle one...

Izabella’s Avatar
Izabella Jun 16, 2023 206 views

What scholarships are best for STEM majors?

I'm a senior in high school looking to go into computer science. My SAT score wasn't amazing, but I have a 3.9 GPA. I have also started college classes in high school. I'm looking for good scholarships, I do a lot of community service. I also do any program I can to build my resume.

Aliayah’s Avatar
Aliayah Jun 15, 2023 256 views

What experience will I have in college ?

What am I looking forward to in college. I am currently, but I finish high school and I’m gonna start college soon and I don’t have no experience in college and I am confused.

lili’s Avatar
lili Jun 16, 2023 307 views

For an application to a university, do you need extracurricular activities?

I could not do any extracurricular activities due to transportation, but I heard universities are mainly looking for students who do them. Will that impact my chances of being accepted to a good university?

olivia’s Avatar
olivia Jun 16, 2023 503 views

How do i find out what i wanna do in life?

i cnat decide what i wanna do and i don’t wanna start to do something and end up hating it but do i need to do that in order to know what i truly wanna do in life

giada’s Avatar
giada Jun 16, 2023 332 views

how did you manage the first day at your first job?

my dream job is to be a lawyer but I don't much detail about it yet and I haven't done much research on it yet but it is not any worry to me at this moment in time since I'm very young and have a good amount of time to get that figured out.

Laa’s Avatar
Laa Jun 15, 2023 427 views

When did you decide the career path you wanted?

When did you decide the career path you wanted?