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L Jul 20 181 views

How long does it take to be a successfully poilce

How many years of college to be a police or to be in law informant

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Rachel Jul 20 227 views

How do I become a writer for the local paper or a local magazine?

For a while, I've been trying to find a way to become a writer. I've come to a place where I thought I'd try writing for the paper or a magazine. How do I do that?

Kamareoun’s Avatar
Kamareoun Jun 21 186 views

What's the best and worst thing about being an Electrician?

I'm a Job Corps student that wants to become an Electrician

Nya’s Avatar
Nya Jun 21 111 views

How do I go about college as a young graduate ?

I am 15 y/o almost high school grad with college credits(would be a sophomore and im college with credits) and am looking to go into the medical field but am not sure where to go major wise.

Armani’s Avatar
Armani Jun 21 124 views

how I get seen by colleges for basketball ?

I want colleges to be able to see me and scout me and get offers.

Nova’s Avatar
Nova Jun 18 138 views

How good of an idea is it to work on your doctorate at the same time as being an adjunct professor?

I'm a high school senior and aspiring linguistics major who intends to become a professor and obtain their PhD. I've heard about adjunct professorship and that while it is very important to become a tenured professor, it's as time-intensive as tenured professorship with significantly less pay....

…’s Avatar
Jun 16 424 views

How do I make my own game?

What I like to play video games and it seems fun to me, i was thinking how to create my own video game and was wondering about the steps to do so. The reason why is the idea of mine was with me since 6th grade when my parent suggested it.

Ying Lin’s Avatar
Ying Lin Jun 17 236 views

What should I work on this summer if I want to be a data analyst?

If I want to become a data analyst, are there any skills I should work on, technical skills I should learn, and/or books I should read to learn more about this field?

Bree’s Avatar
Bree Jun 17 224 views

What is a career as a accountant like?

What is the typical schedule and responsibilities like in a day in the life of an accountant?

Diamond-Marie’s Avatar
Diamond-Marie Jun 17 144 views

What can I do to become a successful entrepreneur?

I have always wanted to start my own business. I am currently in high school, but when I get older I would love to work for myself. I love the idea of having my own business, and providing sevice to people with MY own products.

Analisa’s Avatar
Analisa Jun 13 121 views

How do you know you're making the right decision? #Spring23?

Career wise there are so many options of which to choose from, how do you know you're making the right choice with taking into consideration paying to enjoyment on what your life will be like how do you know whats best for you?

Victoria’s Avatar
Victoria Jun 12 128 views

Any tips for a tutor to help a student get ready for a science lab exam (middle school, grade 8) ? #spring23

I am a tutor and the student concerned in that question has ADHD and autism.

Mary’s Avatar
Mary Jun 12 102 views

What are good ways to study for the NBCOT? #Spring23?

Incoming junior of an accelerated occupational therapy program

Edgar’s Avatar
Edgar Jun 12 146 views

What do you do after college ?

After you've finished your education what do you do next? What to expect?

Sophomore High School

Ayomide’s Avatar
Ayomide Jun 10 191 views

What is the job description for an Architect?

How much is the pay ? And how can one start a career as an architect?