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Yanic’s Avatar
Yanic May 19 463 views

What are the steps for writing a publication?#spring24

I wish to write up publications but I don't know how to go about it, any tips on how to start and finish will be very helpful for me. Thanks in advance

Brillith’s Avatar
Brillith May 19 357 views

Is it possible to work night shift full time and complete dental hygiene school?

Hello everyone I majored in business administration and I am too far along to switch and will complete it just so I don’t feel like I wasted my life more than I already have. I have come to realize that I enjoy knowing my work can have a positive impact on others lives and looking to complete a...

sofia’s Avatar
sofia Mar 31 222 views

How i Make money?

How does one advance in their career? what do i do to advance on the ladder for corporate straight out of highsxooo, i need to make more money.

mary’s Avatar
mary Mar 25 363 views

how is the best career?

career tips?

Samuel’s Avatar
Samuel Mar 25 703 views

what is the best things i have to do to learn new skills?

like programming

Julissa’s Avatar
Julissa Mar 25 450 views

Are the people within the counseling field welcoming/friendly

Coming from a socially anxious person it is hard to socialize with new people.

Joanna’s Avatar
Joanna Mar 15 754 views

Can a 37yr old mom join the military to become a CRNA?

Hello! I am 37-year-old single mother to 3 teens. One is enlisted in the Navy and the other 2 are home (will be having a family plan in place for bootcamp and deployments). I have an Associate's Paralegal degree and am working in criminal defense. I am looking into changing my career into...

godwin’s Avatar
godwin Feb 18 1082 views

I was drawing Since, 5 to 10 years old, but I don't know how, I can be improved ?

I don't know how I could be improved on my drawing, please can you help me

Diego’s Avatar
Diego Feb 18 1312 views

is it hard working a full-time job?

is it hard working a full-time job if it is tell me thanks.

Jefferson’s Avatar
Jefferson Feb 16 381 views

What was your starting salary and did you get more money later in your job? ?

I just want to now how much I am making to sustain a lifestyle

Katia’s Avatar
Katia Feb 16 327 views

What was your starting pay?

How much has it increased since you started working?

Elayna’s Avatar
Elayna Feb 16 235 views

How many hours do you work per week as a Hairstylist?

I am a Sophomore in High school. I would like to be a Hairstylist when I am older.

Hannah’s Avatar
Hannah Feb 16 565 views

How many hours a week did you start out with ? (interior design))

I am a sophomore in high school, I want to enjoy my job and have it be fun, and I don't really want it to be an anxiety causer for me.

Katia’s Avatar
Katia Feb 16 370 views

how flexible is you schedule?

Are you able to take time off for vacations, or take weekends off?

Elayna’s Avatar
Elayna Feb 16 286 views

What is the starting wage as a hairstylist?

I am a Sophomore in High school. I am thinking of being a Hairstylist when I get older.