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Ember May 24 135 views

Is it worth going to my dream school if it's gonna give me a lot of student debt?

My dream school is an out of state university with a high tuition. I have a few in state universities that are cheaper on my backup list, but I don't want to give up on my dream school.

Myo Min’s Avatar
Myo Min May 22 32 views

Why is coding very important?

For example website

Chikaima’s Avatar
Chikaima May 17 94 views

What skills do you need if you want to become a software engineer?

I'm curious about the skills you need if you want to become a software engineer

Eric’s Avatar
Eric May 17 118 views

How can I find a part-time accounting job while attending college?

Im currently an accounting student at Santa Monica College transferring to a four-year university this fall 2023. I have completed both Financial and Managerial accounting courses and information systems courses that emphasize Microsoft Excel.

emily’s Avatar
emily May 17 47 views

Was this career your first option?

i'm always switch my mind too often! so this would be a great question for someone to answer that relates to what i'm saying thank you!

Eric’s Avatar
Eric May 16 41 views

How to find necessary requirements for a job?

How do you find out the necessary requirements for certain professions? For example firefighter or police officer.

Alaric’s Avatar
Alaric May 16 20 views

As an online merchant are you more hands on or more computer based with the product that you sell??

Hi my name is Alaric, I am a job corps student and I'm interested in becoming an online merchant. Thank you for your answers

Terrell’s Avatar
Terrell May 13 54 views

How do I become a best selling author ?

I’m a fresh man in high school trying to get into college also trying to be a great author and writer

Finn’s Avatar
Finn May 14 63 views

What are jobs that require higher levels of education?

What are some jobs, or perhaps careers, that require college or master's degrees?

Darren’s Avatar
Darren May 12 35 views

What skills and classes do you need to become a software engineer?

I am currently a junior in high school taking AP cs principles. I am planning on taking AP cs A next year in order to prepare for my career goal.

Douglas’s Avatar
Douglas May 11 53 views

What should I do in college that many don't?

I am planning going to college but I need more knowledge

Ve’s Avatar
Ve May 10 42 views

Confidence and Body Language?

What's the best way to show confidence through body language?

Melody’s Avatar
Melody May 10 43 views

How does one transition from high school to college?

I'm a senior in high school and about to graduate soon. How should I prepare for college?

CareerVillage Office Hours’s Avatar
CareerVillage Office Hours May 09 26 views

Why do adults always talk about college, knowing that people can succeed without it? ?

I am in the 11th grade. As far as my career exploration, I am more interested in culinary but not too sure about college yet.

Note: this question was asked anonymously by a student

Julia’s Avatar
Julia May 07 87 views

What does being a software developer entail?

What does a day's work look like and what degrees are necessary?