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Civic Duty
Jasmine’s Avatar
Jasmine Aug 24, 2018 522 views

What are the best colleges for international relations?

Schools best known for international relations or politics. #international relations

Lucia’s Avatar
Lucia Aug 31, 2018 556 views

How difficult was nursing school and what was the application process like?

#nursing #whattoexpect #school

Caitlin’s Avatar
Caitlin Jul 09, 2018 549 views

Where are good places to work during college?

#working #studying

Maxwell’s Avatar
Maxwell Jul 12, 2018 388 views

What is the best way to make connections with others ie: networking?

Many jobs ask for multiple recommendations, what is the best way to find people to be these recommendations ? #networking

Paul’s Avatar
Paul May 16, 2018 607 views

Are there any test or exams to become a PNP?

#pediatric-nurse-practitioner #medical-field #medicine #nurse #nursing

De'Andre’s Avatar
De'Andre Jan 24, 2018 371 views

What are methods to use for writing longer essays?

I'm asking because writing is my weak point. I can tell you exactly what I mean but when it comes to writing I like to keep it short and simple. #college

Terri’s Avatar
Terri Jan 23, 2018 630 views

Were there any times when you wanted to give up on your dreams?

I am asking this because someone's answer might prevent students like me from giving up on my dreams.

#college-advice #student-development #education #career

Kemi’s Avatar
Kemi Jan 03, 2017 963 views

What careers are available with an Asian American Studies minor?

I am interested in doing an Asian American Studies minor because I am interested in the area of study. But at the same time, I'm wondering what careers are open to me with this degree? #studies #asian

Allaire’s Avatar
Allaire Dec 24, 2016 790 views

How likely is it I will get an internship as a first year student?

I am a first year, undeclared student and I am looking for internship opportunities for the summer. I live in an area where there are many opportunities for internships but that means many students travel to the area in order to apply. I a specifically looking for internship opportunities in...

Alexis’s Avatar
Alexis May 10, 2016 13728 views

If I am going majoring in Communications, what is a good minor to take?

I want to be able to have a good and stable career after college. I've heard different opinions, but I would like to know more. I was thinking of minoring in Marketing or Public Relations. #college #communications #communication #majors-and-minors