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Annette V. Mar 15, 2018 302 views

Can I be a doctor and be clueless in math?

I have always struggled in the math department whenever I was in school. Now as a senior and knowing that I want to pursue medicine, I feel scared to face the math requirements medical school has for prospective students. Should I give up on my dreams, suck it up and magically become better at...

clueless medicine college medical-school

Rosa W.’s Avatar
Rosa W. Aug 31, 2018 406 views

Would a degree from an engineering school or a duel diploma with a liberal arts school and an engineering school give an engineering student a more well-rounded education?

As a student with many interests, spaning from stem to art-history, it is hard to tell what kind of institution will be best suited for me. Would you suggest a program that is soley at an engineering school, or would a duel degree with an engineering school and a liberal arts college be better...

women-in-stem stem steam

Melvin S.’s Avatar
Melvin S. Jan 12, 2019 524 views

Undergrad engineering vs Grad engineering?

Hi all, I plan to enter Graduate study for Mechanical Engineering next fall and I just want to know, what are the differences (and even similarities) between the undergraduate and graduate levels in engineering? How should I prepare myself to know what to expect? Thanks. engineering...

undergrad graduateschool gradschool civil-engineering mechanical-engineering electricalengineering technology engineer masters engineeringstudent computerengineering mechanical

Leslie L.’s Avatar
Leslie L. Jan 15, 2019 276 views

what experiences best prepared you for your job?

what obstacles did you go through or what challenges did you need to overcome...


Rene H.’s Avatar
Rene H. Jan 22, 2019 247 views

What would you say builds the best work assets

when working towards a career what habits and or skills is it good to develop....


Ashley R.’s Avatar
Ashley R. Feb 14, 2019 208 views

What skills have you masterd, that are benifical to your job?

What skills do you have, this is perfect for your job or...

Parsu A.’s Avatar
Parsu A. Feb 19, 2019 191 views

If I don't like to use computer, should I consider a career in engineering?

I had an internship in school, which was civil engineering. I like engineering, but hate the fact that I have to spend a lot of time on the computer. engineering...


KOMAL P.’s Avatar
KOMAL P. Feb 19, 2019 366 views

I am looking for internships

#mastersInComputerEngineering#java#coding internship programming technology...

brayden C.’s Avatar
brayden C. Feb 20, 2019 123 views

Is a Toyota a career

Yes it is a...

C L.’s Avatar
C L. Mar 03, 2019 347 views

How to ask your current boss for a reference?

What should I say in the email? or should I talk to my current supervisor directly? I want to apply for a full-time job and I want to be prepared (in case they want me to provide 2 ~ 3 most recent references). And my current position is a part-time position and I do have good relationship...

job career job-search reference graduate

Henry H.’s Avatar
Henry H. Nov 14, 2019 191 views

What is the highest paid Engineer?

I would like to see what the highest paid Engineer career is because I want to see if I would be interested in that career. engineering...


collin S.’s Avatar
collin S. Nov 19, 2019 297 views

what do I need to do to get a career in computer science? Mainly video game design.

I don't know if I want to do programming or computer repair. I'm t Just in the field of computers. I'm learning C# right now computer-science computer-programming computer...


Tomiwa A.’s Avatar
Tomiwa A. Jan 09, 2020 270 views

Do I need maths to be a journalist

My name is Peter Tomiwa Andrew,am from Nigeria kogi state.I am 16 years old and about to enter the college,I have passion to become a journalist since my childhood...


Teree L.’s Avatar
Teree L. Jan 14, 2020 228 views

How to start an app like Airbnb?

A young entrepreneurs mind set...


Kimmy K.’s Avatar
Kimmy K. Jan 16, 2020 341 views

I'm interested in going into real estate and helping the family business. How do I get started?

My parents have a couple of properties that they would like to sell in the coming years. They want me to get a headstart into real-estate so I can help them out in the future, but I don't know where to...

Naga Venkat P.’s Avatar
Naga Venkat P. Jul 29, 2020 221 views

Can someone provide me with Validity of CISSP and CCNA certifications in networking field? #July20

Pursuing my masters in information security and also i am the current vice president external for Concordia GSA...


Taner A.’s Avatar
Taner A. Jul 30, 2020 313 views

What is working as a Systems Engineer like?

Hello, I am an electrical engineering student and have recently been exploring fields in EE. Can you tell me how about working in systems engineering? is the work you do interesting and engaging? and some general advice and tips would be great. Thank you for your help. july20 electrical...

sytems engineering