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Elizabeth, Colorado

Within 40 mile radius
Lin’s Avatar
Lin 2 days ago 435 views

For college admissions, does going to a uncompetitive high school lessen your chances at a T20 college?

Last year I moved schools after my 9th grade year due to personal reasons. The school that I currently go to was closer to my siblings schools and was more convenient for my parents as they both work. This was not the only reason why I moved school as there were a number of factors but the...

Lin’s Avatar
Lin 2 days ago 488 views

What types of business/finance extracurriculars should I do to strengthen my college application?

I am currently an incoming junior in high school. I am already in DECA and FBLA (I am also an officer of FBLA at my school chapter) but I feel that my extracurriculars are not strong enough for T20 colleges especially if I want to go into business. I have heard people recommend doing a...

Caleb’s Avatar
Caleb Jul 17 206 views

how cn someone become a doctor?

what are the requirement for a person to becom a doctor

Alexa’s Avatar
Alexa Jul 15 644 views

What classes should I take in high school in order to help me with criminal justice?

What core classes should i focuses on.

Naomi’s Avatar
Naomi Jul 07 277 views

how much does a vetenary doctor earns?

what is required for one to become a vetenary doctor

Jared’s Avatar
Jared Jun 23 196 views

What are the necessary skill suitable to be a good dietician ?

I'm in my 3rd year in the University, soon to finish
What are the necessary skills to be able to be a good dietician

Merson’s Avatar
Merson Jun 23 325 views

how to determine a good college?

to go after high school

Jared’s Avatar
Jared Jun 15 208 views

What are the qualities to possess, to be a good dietician?

I am currently majoring in NUTRITION and Dietetics, i want to know what qualities to possess to become a good one.

Ryan’s Avatar
Ryan May 22 330 views

Can you help me create a resume?

I am interviewing for a job at a manufacturing company and I have my CNC certification.

Meagan’s Avatar
Meagan May 21 742 views

What do employers look for in interior design?

Hi! I’m almost a junior in high school and am wondering where I should start if I want a career in interior design. Do I need a college degree? An internship? A graphic design class? How can I set myself up for a well-paying job? #spring24

Jimmy’s Avatar
Jimmy May 13 599 views

Why are accountants always so focused on getting their account accurate ?

Why are accountants always so focused on getting their account accurate

Tantat’s Avatar
Tantat Apr 25 503 views

I'm looking for interior design career in Denver, CO. Please advise.

Hi, I'm interior designer from Thailand. I'm looking for interior designer career in Denver, CO, USA. I'm keep looking for the job 6 months already. There was some interviews but still not get the job yet. I have 5 years experience work from Thailand. Now I live in Denver, CO. I'm interest in...

yuven’s Avatar
yuven Apr 07 458 views

how to escape poverty?

best things to do while poor

sebastian’s Avatar
sebastian Apr 01 254 views

what jobs can I get right now when I'm 13?

I want a job to earn money and get experience at working so in the future I can have a bigger and better chance to support my friends and family in life and there journey.

Simon’s Avatar
Simon Apr 01 580 views

How can I improve my tech skills ?

Such as in robotics and machine learning

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