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San Jose, California

Within 40 mile radius
Angie’s Avatar
Angie May 02, 2016 826 views

be a lawyer

why is lawyer so important to be or work #lawyer

Milton’s Avatar
Milton May 02, 2016 907 views

What do you study to become programming engineer?

I want to be a programmer when I grow up. #engineer #computer

Jimmy’s Avatar
Jimmy May 02, 2016 1209 views

Is being a youtuber hard?

The reason why I am asking this question is because one of the career I want to be a YouTube and I don't know what it will be like. #youtube

Angel’s Avatar
Angel May 02, 2016 804 views

How do I improve as an artist so that I can use art to make a living?

I'd love to be an artist and am curious to know what steps I need to take to make art my profession.

#art #drawing #fine-art #career #college

julian’s Avatar
julian May 02, 2016 1310 views

How do I build a following on my youtube channel?

I am a very small youtuber and am curious to know how I should grow my social media channel. #youtuber #media #internet #social #social-media

Bao’s Avatar
Bao May 02, 2016 924 views

How to go to colloge

I want to go to college for better degree #job

Ryan’s Avatar
Ryan May 02, 2016 991 views

What college do you recommend for engineers?

I'm asking this question because I want to be an engineer. I wanna know what college is recommended for engineers. #doctor #engineer #web-development #data-engineer #technical-drawing #learning-technology

Xavier’s Avatar
Xavier May 02, 2016 866 views

Is being a lawyer or investigator enjoyable,hard,etc?

I've been debating whether or not I wanted to be a lawyer or investigator. I have been interested in the law for a while

(I am a member at Boys and Girls Club and I wish to know more about my career choices) #law #lawyer #investigator

Bao’s Avatar
Bao May 02, 2016 896 views

How do you get famous in Youtube?

I want to be a Youtuber #fun

Tony’s Avatar
Tony May 02, 2016 628 views

What are the recommended classes for being a teacher

I wanna be a teacher! #teacher #school

farha’s Avatar
farha May 02, 2016 714 views

i am 9 grade i am interested is in engeneering

after my completing 10 i am pursue about my career

safina’s Avatar
safina May 02, 2016 876 views

As someone interested in English, is it possible for me to become a doctor?

English is my passion, but my career goal is to become a doctor. Is it possible to study English in college and take the classes necessary to become a doctor?
#medicine #healthcare #hospital-and-health-care #english #education #career

farha’s Avatar
farha May 02, 2016 543 views

i am 9 grade student i am interested in teacher

after my completing my 10 so i pursue about my career

farheen’s Avatar
farheen May 02, 2016 910 views

I am interested in Computer Engineering but I don t know what courses there are.

what courses are there when i complete my school? #computer-software #computer-engineering

Neha’s Avatar
Neha Apr 28, 2016 1159 views

I want to become a Photographer

Please suggest me what to do #any

Anne’s Avatar
Anne Apr 26, 2016 1883 views

How should I figure out what job I should do within cybersecurity?

I'm currently a junior in high school and i'm very intrigued by a career in cyber security because i've been told that this is a really good field to get into, but i'm not exactly sure what job options are available to me within cyber security. I'm thinking about marketing.. but I'm not set on...

Anne’s Avatar
Anne Apr 26, 2016 2346 views

What made you want to work in marketing for a computer software company?

I'd really like to get a job in marketing but i'm not as sure what or who I'd like to do marketing for. I have a couple family members that work in computer software and they really like it so i'd like to learn more about what it would be like to do marketing for a technology company. Does the...

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Apr 26, 2016 27294 views

What is the hardest thing about being a manager?

I've always wanted to be a leader. I want to manage a large team of people in my career. I think I have what it takes to inspire a team to work hard but i'm also nervous about having this kind of responsibility. What would you say is the hardest thing about managing people and why?

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Apr 26, 2016 2553 views

How did you choose what company to work for?

People say that figuring out what job you should do or even which industry you should work in is the hard part, but what about once you have? How do you choose what companies to apply at? What did you look for in a company? I am now at the stage where I'm looking for internships at tech...

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Apr 26, 2016 3345 views

What questions do you recommend I ask in an interview?

I'm trying to prepare for an interview I have in a couple weeks for an internship at a tech company so i'm hoping to get some ideas of questions I should ask the interviewer. What are the best questions you've gotten from an interviewee? What are questions you've asked in an interview that went...

Ben Landis’s Avatar
Ben Mar 24, 2016 2333 views

What can I do to help make my photography business bigger?

I am a photographer in the Bay Area. I have done many photography sessions with friends and they have recommended me to people they know. How do I get my name out there more? What can I do to get more exposure? #business #photography #digital-photography

Nick’s Avatar
Nick Mar 09, 2016 764 views

What are some traits I should have to be a really successful customer service person?

I'm considering working in customer service as an entry level job out of school, but I'm not sure I have what it takes to be good at it. What skills or traits do you need to do well in a customer facing role at an airline? This question was posted by a CareerVillage administrator on behalf of...

Derek’s Avatar
Derek Mar 09, 2016 782 views

What kind of code would I need to learn to be a software developer in the aviation industry?

I'm just now starting to learn how to code, so I'm wondering what language I would need to learn in order to get a job as an engineer at a company like Cathay Pacific. This question was posted by a CareerVillage administrator on behalf of the students of CareerVillage. #aviation...

Rachelle’s Avatar
Rachelle Mar 09, 2016 965 views

What jobs exactly are included in the "flight operations" teams at an airline?

I've heard about jobs in flight operations, but I don't know what exactly this means. What are some of these jobs? This question was posted by a CareerVillage administrator on behalf of the students of CareerVillage. #aviation #airline-industry #flight-attendant #cabin-crew #flight-crew

John’s Avatar
John Mar 09, 2016 1018 views

Who creates flight schedules? How hard is a job like that?

I'd really like to know what job is responsibile for things like creating flight schedules. What else does that person do and how do you recommend I go about getting a job like that? #aviation #airline-industry #aviation-industry #flight-paths #flight-schedules

Eidryph’s Avatar
Eidryph Mar 09, 2016 942 views

Is the compensation of an entry level pilot much lower than that of a more experienced one?

I want to be a pilot, i'm just trying to figure out roughly how long it will take me to earn a good living. This question was posted by a CareerVillage administrator on behalf of the students of CareerVillage. #aviation #airline-industry #pilot #aviation-industry

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Mar 09, 2016 1141 views

Is data analytics a big piece of the airline/aviation industry? What kinds of jobs are options for me?

My mom keeps telling me that I should get a job in analytics but I'm not even sure I know what that means in terms of the actual jobs I would get. Can you help me understand what exactly that is and what I would be doing in that kind of a role at Cathay Pacific? This question was posted by a...

Randall’s Avatar
Randall Mar 09, 2016 908 views

What exactly does a test pilot do? How would I go about becomming one?

I would love to hear more about being a test pilot. What exactly do you do? What steps did you take to become one? Why did you decide to be a test pilot and not a commercial airline pilot? I'm asking because I really want to fly planes for a living but i'm scared to have so many lives in my...

Jake’s Avatar
Jake Mar 04, 2016 913 views

What careers can I pursue with a degree in Math and Computational Sciences? (MCS) I'm interested in working in data analysis/optimization and wanted to know if an MCS degree was the way to go/as well as if anyone has any advice/info about being an analyst

Interested in working as a data analyst #computer #math #risk-analysis

emilio’s Avatar
emilio Feb 12, 2016 1322 views

Should I be a rapper music artist?

................. #music

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