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New York, New York
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I would like to work in something combining crypto, web 3.0 and the digital marketing field.

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Kadiatou Jul 29, 2023 319 views

Are NFTs dying?

Since 2021 I'm really interested in NFTs and would like to work in this field. But I keep hearing it's dying even though I believe there is a great opportunity in there.

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Kadiatou Jul 29, 2023 491 views

Where could I find (in person / remote) an internship/job as a student? And in what and how to invest money?

I feel very depressed and disappointed in my life. I don't like the way it is and wish to move out and have my own apartment. But I don't know how at 19 years old I could have an "adult job". I want to integrate into the business/marketing world and work for a firm or even get an internship...

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Kadiatou Mar 29, 2023 263 views

What college degree should I choose to open my blockchain company?

I was still hesitating between going for a major in Digital Marketing / Advertisement in College 1 since I really love this field or doing a marketing degree with a minor in Business Management in College 2 and later having a digital marketing certificate from Google. The problem with College...

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Kadiatou Mar 29, 2023 688 views

Do I need a college degree to open a company?

Is it essential to have a degree in business management, or business administration to open a company.

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Kadiatou Mar 29, 2023 548 views

How to have knowledge in blockchain and web 3.0?

I didn't see any colleges offering a major boarding this subject, and it's an industry I would really love to work in. I learned everything I know about this field through Youtube and Google and am planning to try some internships to have some work experience in this field. Is there any...

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Kadiatou Mar 28, 2023 443 views

Which degree I should chose?

I have to choose between two colleges. College 1 offers me a Bachelor in Marketing with a minor in Business Management, and College 2 is offering an associate in Digital Marketing/advertising and Public Relations. They are both great schools and I don't which one would bring me closer to my...

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Kadiatou Sep 21, 2022 471 views

What is the best way to improve my acting?

It's hard for me to "crack my shell" during my acting classes. My professor is supportive and the class feels like a very safe place. The more I take classes and the more I open up myself more. I wanna practice that more in class and crack my shell more there. I feel blocked sometimes. I also...

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Kadiatou Jul 19, 2022 611 views

Can we become social media specialist by doing a digital marketing bachelor degree?

I was hesitating between either study social media marketing or digital marketing. I know that i want to be a social media specialist, but i feel like by taking a degree EXCLUSIVELY on that I would miss out some interesting things I would have learned with digital marketing. And when I look up...

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Kadiatou Jun 14, 2022 459 views

Do we always need to show our body with modeling? And wear wigs and extension?

I'm muslim and my religion asks me to not show my body parts such as the legs and my belly. But i have no problem with the rest of my body. I also can't put extension on my hair or wigs. And I'm scared this would be a huge problem and won't make me able to have access to some things other...

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Kadiatou Jun 14, 2022 531 views

Playing in a commercial require acting backgrounds?

When i'm watching youtube ads, I do realize that some time it asks to learn some lines to do the ad. So i'm kind of confused. Are actors doing ads most of the time?

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Kadiatou Jun 14, 2022 660 views

Do we need to have take acting courses before playing in a movie / TV show?

I sometimes feel like I got the potential for this, but i'm scared to be too much confident for at the end be really bad. I don't want to be too sure about myself. And if there are classes to take are the courses on Youtube enough for it?

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Kadiatou Jun 14, 2022 1052 views

How to audition for movies / TV shows?

I really don't know anything about that and needed to have further explications about finding the casting calls. I heard we need an agent for that, but i'm not sure.

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Kadiatou Jun 11, 2022 696 views

Is it possible to model as a part time job ? Is the schedule flexible ?

I wanted to continue my online schooling in social media marketing and by the same time model. But I don't know if it's possible to find a balance between the two.

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Kadiatou May 30, 2022 511 views

Is modeling a hard profession ? Is it asking a lot of time ?

I want to know the pros and cons of the modeling profession.