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Ariyana’s Avatar
Ariyana Jul 02 143 views

What are some tips for a high school student who wants to be a lpn of a rn ?

im going to tenth grade can I /or Should I take college courses

sophia’s Avatar
sophia Jul 27 72 views

Is psychology an interesting field to work in? Would i be better off going into psychiatry or psychology?

I am almost done with high school and i am trying to figure out what to do with my life

Aja’s Avatar
Aja Aug 18 351 views

What is the best group to network with for IT in virgina?

I'm a college senior looking for in-person groups to network or start projects with. I moved to Virginia not long ago and am not sure where to start.

Dominic’s Avatar
Dominic Aug 22 232 views

What are the possibilities with the trade skills that I've trained for help me get enlisted into the military?

What will help me continue this path?

How will this process benefit me?

Why will this process help me in the future?

Tiffany’s Avatar
Tiffany Aug 30 879 views

Can I go to medical school without studying pre-med in college?

I'm an 11th grade high school student who is interested in the medical field.

Oluwanifemi’s Avatar
Oluwanifemi Jun 21 80 views

How long does it take to be a full lawyer?

I know it takes like 7 years but is it hard to get clients and get a job in a law firm.

Addison’s Avatar
Addison Jun 21 193 views

How can I get scholarships in college

Hi, my name is Addison and I am about to be a freshman in high school. I am wondering what I can do to help myself towards getting a scholarship in college

Suceli’s Avatar
Suceli Jun 21 165 views

Real estate agent at 17, in texas ?

How can I get started as a real estate, when is the appropiate age, and what to have before starting

Meghana’s Avatar
Meghana Jun 21 140 views

Having no experience in comp sci courses in high school, would a comp sci minor be doable?

I am considering taking AP Calculus AB for my senior year, the other option is to take AP Statistics. Based on my future major and minor I would like to decide which math to take.

Angelina’s Avatar
Angelina Jun 20 261 views

When should I get an MBA After I have had a full-time job or right after undergrad?

I am a rising junior in college and I am also wondering if I should take the GRE as opposed to the GMAT.?

Malo’s Avatar
Malo Jun 27 122 views

If I want to graduate by a certain date, what's the best plan to get me there?

If I want to graduate by a certain date, what's the best plan to get me there?

Joan’s Avatar
Joan Jun 27 115 views

How can I start psychology in high school and at the same time do fashion design?

I don't think my high school offers psychology

Brianna’s Avatar
Brianna Jun 23 157 views

How do you open a food business venture?

I want to open a donut shop with my brother in the future and want to know how to get started.

Brayden’s Avatar
Brayden Jun 27 110 views

Considering my interest in a medical science career, what should my plans for education and practical experience be? How should i intend to keep up with advancements in the field, develop necessary skills, and maintain a healthy work-life balance in this demanding profession?

I am a 12 year old who doesn't know how or when I should start my medical journey

Isabelle’s Avatar
Isabelle Jun 24 104 views

what classes should i take in high school to help with psychology?

I am in 8th grade now