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Angela Apr 28 270 views

What majors and minors should I take to become a psychiatrist, but still get experience in education?

Hey! I am thinking of pursuing a degree in psychology. My overall goal is to become either a children's trauma therapist or more hopefully a psychiatrist, but I still want skills in education in order to keep my options more open. I thought of doing a psychology major, with a minor in...

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mabel Apr 29 248 views

which is the best busness idea and management strategies?

business idea tips

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Angela Apr 28 231 views

Should I do psychology or psychiatry?

Hi! I'm a junior in highschool and I've always been curious about what makes people act the way they do. What I'm interested in doing is helping people with mental disorders or disabilities, like depression, ADHD, schizophrenia, etc, through therapy. I also want to take courses in education so...

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Ellie Apr 28 362 views

What should I do if I want to be an Art Director?

Currently, I am a sophomore in high school, and I'm not sure what to major in or how to go on in my high school career! To preface what i have so far...I have two years of TV production experience, and was the head of my schools prom commitee for traditional art. This upcoming year, I'll be...

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chelsea Apr 27 393 views

what is the best collge?

college tips

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brandon Apr 28 246 views

how to learn english in college?

questions english tips

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Doris Apr 27 425 views

What does it take to be a successful psychiatrist?

I am a current high school junior, thinking of majoring in psychology for college and on the pre-med track.

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Md Apr 28 213 views

How should i choose my college?

I am a good student,I can study hard

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Abbey Apr 25 646 views

What would be the best majors for someone interested in pursuing a career in interior design ?

I'm currently a freshman in college majoring in Marketing with a minor in Design. I might also double major or minor in Real Estate.

My school doesn't offer an Interior Design major - what would be the best majors for someone interested in pursuing a career in interior design?

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Pearl Apr 26 598 views

What are some job opportunities that don't demand high-level skills but still provide money to pay your bills?

I know skills are important for a successful career, but acquiring all those skills takes time. Meanwhile, you also need to pay your bills, so money is important too, right?

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Amy Apr 26 392 views

How do I become a Psychology Professor at Uni?

Im in my final year of Highschool & entering college soon, I really want to become a teacher and wanted to teach kids/teens but figured out Professor in uni has a higher salary than a Highschool teacher, What should i do to become a psychology professor at Uni? Can I major in Education? then...

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Movindee Apr 27 454 views

How do I improve my communication skills to become a confident and a successful engineer in the field of construction?

Hi I'm a final year civil engineering student at University of Technology Sydney. I'm a fee paying international student who's first language is not English. However I speak very good english since I had the exposure to it. How do I improve my communication skills to become a confident and a...

Melody’s Avatar
Melody Apr 26 287 views

What is the best college choice for a nursing major?

I'm in 9th grade currently and deciding to research colleges and im interested in becoming a registered

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Jaeyeong Apr 26 427 views

How to start a beverage company

Hello, I am the person who asked the question last time. In order to start a beverage company, would it be a good idea to work at a beverage company? And if you want to join a company such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, or Red Bull and learn how to make beverages, what major should you choose as your...

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Gia Apr 23 539 views

What is some advice to start a business?

I’m starting a business with Lela give me advice.