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Jorge N. Feb 25, 2015 1255 views

How do I know what college is right for me?

I want to go to college to get my degree and get on path for a long, successful career, but I don't just want to go to work. I want to have fun while I'm there. What should I look for to make sure I enjoy my experience in college.? #college #university #school #advice...


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Brieanna C. Feb 25, 2015 689 views

How do I decide whether I should go to college out of state or in state?

I have been switching back and forth between going to college in state at UMKC or out of state in Texas, but it's pretty far from Kansas City and I won't know anyone there. I don't know which college in Texas to attend either. I've also been thinking about going to college in Atlanta, Georgia....

#college #decision-making

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katilynn C. Mar 01, 2016 1047 views

What are some ways that i can possibly achieve my goal to become a photographer and also what are some colleges for that major?

i have a passion for photography and possibly owning my own business and beginning and i just want some guidance on how to accomplish my goal as i go on through high school. #business #photography...


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sierra G. Mar 03, 2016 1166 views
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Justin N. Mar 05, 2016 1227 views

What is the pay for an experienced lawyer?

To become successful lawyer, about how much would I make annually? #law #lawyer...


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Nagesh M. May 04, 2016 740 views
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Deborah S. May 04, 2016 1136 views

What kind of major gives me the most career opportunities?

I know what I want to study but I also know that it can change. What are some good alternatives to study if I don't like my major? #business #career #college-major #career-paths #major #career-change #business-idea...


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Bri K. May 19, 2016 836 views

Has any company either Dell or Google collaborated with a fashion designer? In general / clothing line.

I am interested in fashion design, and it would be fascinating and interesting to see technology and art (fashion) combine. #computer #technology #fashion #tech #google #dell...


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Victoria M. Sep 01, 2017 322 views

If I want to work in an embassy, but not as part of the military, what should I study in college?

In the future, I want to work in an embassy overseas, but I'm unsure as to what field is best for me to study if I want to do this. I've been looking mostly at environmental science, information science, and computer science for my major in college. Is there another major that is more sought...


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Peaceful F. Dec 19, 2017 279 views
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Anina H. Oct 15, 2019 318 views

How do I negotiate for the best terms on a software engineering offer when I don't have another offer to compare against?

Hello! I am a college senior with an offer from a decently large enterprise tech company to be a backend software engineer after graduation. I wish I had some sort of sign-on bonus or some relocation funds with my offer, because I'm not sure I can afford the first month of rent when I haven't...

#software-engineer #computer-software