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A career is a personal journey that is not defined by a single role or moment in time. Every job is a part of your career, and occupation will provide...

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Jose G. Oct 06 128 views
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Anasia D. Aug 05 144 views

What do I need to do to become a model.

I’m in the 11th grade. I love online shopping for clothes and accessories. I like doing photoshoots. fashion career career-choice model modeling...


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Likho C. Jul 27 117 views

Which job can I really take on?

I'm Likho I'm a very friendly person eager to learn more I can take up on anything as long as I focus and be patient about what I'm doing for me to finish my task information technology career career-choice...


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Cassie M. Jul 31 111 views

How is the work load in your field?

I am interested in becoming a program and management analyst in the FBI, as well as becoming a director of operations. FBI Director-of-operations management analyst program-management government security director...


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Ethan H. Aug 26 101 views

What does it take to become a 3D modeler?

I'm a Senior in High School looking for a job in the industry, I love VFX/3D. Job 3d design technology 3d-design...


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david P. Aug 05 119 views

What is the average working conditions for carpentry?

i am a job corp student looking for the right career for me carpentry job carpenter career career-path trade trade-school...


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Edgar G. Aug 17 95 views

pipe welding

What are some good opportunity and certification for pipe welding pipe-welding welding welder career...


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Foruna A. Sep 28 108 views

What is something you like about being a Nurse Anesthetist?

I love helping people. I do my best to help people. I work hard and do the work I am suppose to do. I can get along with people. career nurse nursing nurse-practitioner anesthesiology...


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Kris H. Sep 28 85 views
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joshua R. Nov 01 54 views

Is it hard being mechanic?

Like do you have to be physically fit to do the job? career...


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Samiya T. Nov 01 95 views

What job seems best for me

I’m a person who is really good with people but doesn’t like people and I really like money and is very good a communicating money career...


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katie M. Oct 27 46 views

what is the best way to get in contact with someone about mechanic jobs ?

i am not looking for one right now but i will be in a couple of years because i am going through training right now for that kind of stuff...


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Amir J. Oct 27 109 views

What are some valuable fields for Coders.

Thank you for agreeing to this informational interview. My name is Amir Johnson I am a Job Corps student soon to be in maine, and I am reaching out to you because I believe I would enjoy a career in Some sort of digital engineering or programming, and I would appreciate your perspective on the...

technology code job career career-counseling programming

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iyanna L. Oct 26 61 views

What kind of experiences have you had working with sick people? what is something you know now? that you did't know beforehand?

Are there lessons you have learned working with sick people? How does it effect your daily outlook on Life in general? doctor career medicine...


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Samira M. Oct 26 100 views

Law School : is it that hard as people say?

I want to become a lawyer as part as my career (alongside becoming a high fashion, runway model and an actress) as it will provide a stable income, it is a career in which I can be challenged at and I would like to help people by stating my case. However, what is really putting me off is the...

law cambridge career lawyer oxford

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Luis A. Oct 25 67 views

How much would my salary be in the future?

Depending on how well i work , i would like to know opportunities for advancement to grow in my career. money...


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Rodney J. Oct 25 80 views
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stephanie L. Oct 21 261 views

Do employers care about what school you go to?

Would I be considered a failure/ not qualified if I didn’t go to the top schools? college career job...


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Seth R. Oct 20 89 views

where are the best places to surf in the united states?

I'm a junior in high school but i plan on being a Professional surfer where would be a good place to practice? career...


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audrey S. Oct 20 67 views

What is the job outlook for dietitians?

I am interested in becoming a dietitian and I have a few questions. first, what is the average salary for a dietitian and what is the max that I can make as a dietitian? also are there going to be more available jobs in this profession over the next few years, or less? career...