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More than 30 years in technology Industry with Over 20+ years at the Executive Level in Business Development & Sales, Also an expert in Automotive, Cloud, IoT, and more
Computer and Mathematical Occupations - Office and Administrative Support Occupations
Seattle, Washington
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Jolie’s Avatar
Jolie Aug 28, 2023 244 views

What do you do on a daily as an Orthodontist?

what do the days look like as a orthodontist

Austin’s Avatar
Austin Aug 28, 2023 499 views

What is the career path of a Gunsmith for an 18 year old?

How would you get into a career of gunsmithing right out of high school If the required age to get a FFL and GS Certification is 21?

Alejandro’s Avatar
Alejandro Aug 28, 2023 250 views

Where should I start study Producers & Directors?

where can i study?

Noelle’s Avatar
Noelle Aug 29, 2023 4175 views

What are the steps I need to take to become a pit crew member in formula 1?

Everywhere that I have looked does not tell me these steps.

Julie’s Avatar
Julie Aug 29, 2023 2137 views

What is more marketable a major in nursing or perioperative theatre technology?

Im confused on which one can open doors to more opportunities

Tantat’s Avatar
Tantat Aug 26, 2023 331 views

What are the best programs for interior designers?

I am an interior designer from Thailand who just moved to the US. I'm very good in AutoCAD / Exel / Powerpoint, moderate in Sketch-Up / Photoshop, Beginner at Revit / Indesign.

I like to know that is there any programs / Applications that I should learn in 2023.

Jasmine’s Avatar
Jasmine Aug 28, 2023 1169 views

What do I need to do to get into the UT Austin Nursing Program ?

How do I maximize the chance of being accepted into the U.T. Austin Nursing program?

Marco’s Avatar
Marco Aug 28, 2023 1379 views

Are you able to get a tattoo after enlisting in the military?

Would you get in trouble for getting a tattoo after signing a contract, and are you able to get any tattoos while still serving in the military? Even if they are in they are in the safe area guidelines.

Sarah’s Avatar
Sarah Aug 28, 2023 251 views

What college should i choose ?

How do I know what college is right for me? What if I pick the wrong one? And how do I know how far away from home it should be I’m stressed about the distance from home

Brian’s Avatar
Brian Aug 15, 2023 376 views

What is an average day in an Automotive Engineers life like?

Im wanting to be an auto engineer.

Bridget’s Avatar
Bridget Feb 24, 2017 1568 views

What type of things does a CFO do?

What is the CFO in charge of? What are the specific things he/ she would look over? What are some typical requirements? #finance #management #ceo #corporate-finance #cpa #executive-office #cfo #financial-reporting

Orion’s Avatar
Orion Aug 22, 2023 698 views

how do you get started as a band photographer?

I want to be a photographer for concerts, but I have no idea on how to get started, what would you say are the best tips for getting started in doing something like that. :)

Hayden’s Avatar
Hayden Aug 22, 2023 255 views

How do I prepare for college ?

How can I start preparing for law school in high school

N'gozy’s Avatar
N'gozy Aug 22, 2023 336 views

Questions about the culinary and Accounting&management profession

How difficult it is for recent graduates of a college or job training program to get hired for one job in the region? I'm thinking get my bachelor's degree in Accounting and management. What steps would you recommend I take to prepare to enter this field? (Accounting and Management) Right now I...

saleyann’s Avatar
saleyann Aug 14, 2023 331 views

Any words on becoming a chefs and head cooks?

How much time do you think it takes to prepare meals? What tools should I need while studying for chefs and head cooks? Is there anything that you wished you would have known before a chefs and head cooks.