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Marquis Nov 05, 2021 310 views

did your major have a big impact on career choice?

#college-major #career #career-choice #major #career-counseling

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Hope Nov 03, 2021 148 views

how do you put cutscenes in video games

im khalen, i am a fan of sonic games #game-design #video-games #video-games

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talique Nov 02, 2021 208 views

what does a typical day as trucker look like?what do you like least and the most about your job?how long have you've been doing it for


My name is Talique estelle i'am a student at student job corps and i'm am trying get get a better insight on the career path i'am after as a driver /trucker i am 18 years old.What steps do you reccomend i take to begin.What i want to do is become a truck driver.

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edgar Nov 02, 2021 223 views

What type of attitude and mindset do you have while doing construction ?

what kind of thoughts and emotions do you have through out the day ? #construction

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Anthony Nov 02, 2021 235 views

Is studying cognitive functions difficult?

How can I study cognitive science so I can understand better how the human brain helps us in our every day lives? #science #research

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Jacob Nov 02, 2021 184 views

what does someone need or do in order to get into prop production in the entertainment industry

Hi im Jacob, I go to Phillip and Sala Burton High school, and I was wondering how can I get into prop making or anything that has to do with film. I know a few things about it and I've made a few props that my class has actually used before for their film projects, but I'm not really sure what...

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Andrew Oct 19, 2021 269 views

what are the typical hours an elevator installer and repairer works

l'm going into #elevator and #escalator installer and repairer. #elevator-installation #mechanic #job

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Glen Oct 30, 2021 205 views

What is a steelfixer


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Rogelio Oct 19, 2021 267 views

How much does a welder get payed ?

#engineer #welder #money

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Wesley Oct 05, 2021 241 views

What career paths can I take if I decide to major in aerospace engineering?

#aerospace-engineering #engineering #aerospace

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Jillie Jul 30, 2021 305 views

Career choices for chemistry

I am a high school senior and did the Johnson O'Connor assessments for careers. My results show that I should do something in chemistry or biology, preferably a job where I work more independently and that requires advanced education beyond a bachelor's. I do love chemistry/bio and have done...

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trevor Sep 28, 2021 254 views

how is the workflow divided at this job?

I am an aspiring designer/engineer
and know basic rocketry/areonaughtical/areospace and
materials engineering
#engineering #space #Aerospace

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Sean Sep 28, 2021 256 views

Did they accept your application right way? If they didn’t, what did you improve?

I’m in 9th grade and I want to learn more about a software developer/engineer.

#software #engineer

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Priya Oct 12, 2021 220 views

What are the different educational paths for becoming a nuclear medicine technologist?

Hi, I am a high school grade who is currently in career technical training for medical assisting. I had to take a break from college but I am planning to go back to get my associates for Nuclear Medicine technology or just biotechnology in general. Some of my other interests include art,...

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VIL Jul 18, 2018 444 views

Can augmented reality be used by ferriers or stable managers? -Morgan

#horses #ferrier #stablemanagement #animals #AR #VR #augmentedreality #STEM #Verizon #VerizonInnovativeLearning