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Ja'Taya’s Avatar
Ja'Taya Nov 13, 2020 278 views

What would be the best job to choose if you would like to travel the world ?

I am in high school . I would like to see the world . The only problem I might have is the cost . Is there a job that will allow you to travel for free and would still pay me to do my job ? #travel

Abby’s Avatar
Abby Nov 10, 2020 366 views

How easy is it to transfer skills from a physics BS to a job in industry?

I feel like a lot of recruiters will ask about engineering project experience or software expertise, and so far my classes have been math/theory focused. I'm comfortable with Python and have taken a few labs, but I feel like I don't have the experience a lot of employers expect. What sort of...

Colby’s Avatar
Colby Nov 05, 2020 303 views

What I want to be in the future?

I am in 9th grade and I am interested aerospace engineering. My goal is to finish high school and work to become an aerospace engineer. #high-school

Annaleigha’s Avatar
Annaleigha Nov 05, 2020 416 views

What are some majors that you can take to become an elementary teacher?

#teacher #children

Amparo’s Avatar
Amparo Nov 05, 2020 237 views

I am a junior and I have known that I want to be a chemist but I am not sure what subfield of chemistry I would like to study and base my career on. What are some subfields in chemistry I could consider based on my interests?

In school I am in a pre calculus class which I am taking as a dual credit class that I quite frankly enjoy and understand. I am also in a chemistry class that I enjoy and understand as well. I love doing labs and experiments. I also enjoy observing marine life. One hobby that I have is...

Alec’s Avatar
Alec Oct 26, 2020 267 views

Is college the best route for an Air Traffic Controller?

I like the idea of controlling the local air space and giving out help to other pilots to keep everybody safe. #help #planes #airtrafficcontrol

Kennady’s Avatar
Kennady Oct 26, 2020 439 views

What's the most your math degree is applied in your daily life?

#math #mathematics #career-options #life

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armando Oct 26, 2020 200 views

How do you gain experience in this field without having the job. I want to be a computer and information systems manager

Im a senior in high school #highschool

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Evelynn Oct 16, 2020 375 views

How do I get a job in forensics?

I'm a physics major with a minor in math and Spanish, and I don't know where to go, where to look, or how to get a job in forensics. I have been looking online a lot, but so far I have only found jobs for chemistry and psychology majors. Thank you #jobs #math #career #forensics #jobinforensics...

Zackary’s Avatar
Zackary Oct 23, 2020 323 views

If you become an Aerospace Engineer, are you assigned to a specific type of craft, or do the types of crafts differ for each project?

I am in 10th grade looking at potential careers. I have many thoughts going through my head on what occupation I want to go to college for. I really like those big jets, I think they are fascinating. Hope to one day pursue a career in enjoy. #aerospace #engineer

Owen’s Avatar
Owen Oct 23, 2020 360 views

Are there any high school classes that would help in my pursuit to becoming and electrician?

I am a high school student who is looking at becoming an electrician after graduating. I would like to know if there are any classes you would suggest taking to help me better prepare myself for when I go into the industry? #technology #electrician #high-school

Nichole’s Avatar
Nichole Oct 19, 2020 161 views

How much do they make

#Daniel assistant

Aaron’s Avatar
Aaron Oct 19, 2020 239 views

What are some requirements to become a radiologist?


Dorian’s Avatar
Dorian Oct 01, 2020 241 views

I’m ​​interested ​​in ​​learning​​ about​​ what A​​ Day ​​in ​​the ​​Life ​​is ​​like​​ for ​​a​​n Astrophysicist. So ​​far​​ I have​​ learned ​​about the more hardware design aspect of it,​​ but I​​ would ​​also ​​like ​​to ​​know ​​how it is for the ones that mainly focus on space itself

#Astrophysics #Astrophysicist

A’s Avatar
A Jul 19, 2020 498 views

I want robotics as my future, help me out.

#robotics #cybernetics #mathematics #physics #computer
I'm still class 11 and I want to become a robotics