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Sugar Hill, Georgia
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I am interested in becoming an international doctor in war zones, science or medical researcher, or public health doctor working across the world. Regardless, I still want to pursue social activism and work with non-profits to help alleviate inequalities and promote better living and treatment of people and the world.


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Anna Sep 20, 2023 1246 views

What certifications should I get to get a job in computer science?

I hear a lot about AWS certifications or Amazon ones. Which ones are best to get into machine learning and data science jobs?

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Anna Sep 20, 2023 408 views

How can I start making money quickly?

I am looking for a fast, part time, not a large commitment job to make money on the side for passive income.

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Anna Sep 20, 2023 628 views

What are good remote jobs?

What are remote part-time jobs that I can do as a high school student? Specifically, I am looking for entry level coding jobs.

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Anna Aug 14, 2023 533 views

How can I reach out to science labs asking for an internship as a high school student?

Could anyone provide email templates for requesting a medical or chemistry internship as a high school student trying to work with popular and selective research labs?

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Anna Aug 14, 2023 342 views

What are ways to interact with international students online for free?

I am interested in studying in Germany. Are there any free online exchange programs or volunteering/internship organizations that can improve my German skills or help me learn about Germany or just get some experience in German-based work? (Or other countries?)

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Anna Aug 14, 2023 454 views

How can I learn computer science, data science, machine learning, etc.?

Any recommendations for free programs I can apply to? How can get an entry-level CS job to improve my skills? What companies are likely to accept high school interns?

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Anna Aug 14, 2023 480 views

What are some virtual volunteering opportunities with organizations?

I have an interest in international organizations and those with a focus on social activism, advocacy, medicine, computer science, or STEM overall. Thanks!

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Anna Aug 13, 2023 484 views

How do you find opportunities for what you’re passionate about?

How can I find and get involved with volunteer organizations and research programs near me or virtually? How do you find a career you are passionate about?