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Graphic Designer & Illustrator
Graphic Design
Indianapolis, Indiana







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In layperson terms, what do you actually do at work?

I'm a graphic designer! Most of my current job is retail product design and packaging design, but I also do product photography and styling, and occasionally things for social media. The majority of what I design are physical products you buy in stores or online. Some of my day is spent working with the marketing team to consider consumer trends, what aesthetics are in style now and predicting what will be popular next, determining consumer demographics, what kind of story we are telling in helping a consumer imagine how the product will exist in their life. I take the parameters from marketing and do my own research to figure out the best qualities, design features, color palettes, textures, and other details that will make our products shine. This involves plenty of sketching, pulling color and material swatches, creating many moodboards of aesthetics, competing products, and inspiration. Then I actually get down to business drawing schematics, creating product design files, fabricating mockups, making revisions, until it's ready for the next phase. Then I have to communicate with our existing manufacturers or find new ones to pick material samples and design our physical prototypes from illustrations and mockups to get to the final product. We will get product samples and ideally the product is perfect and we can move on to packaging and product photography, but sometimes we need to make revisions to manufacturing methods, materials, or colors.

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Posted on Oct 09 '15 at 13:01

Designer (UI/UX/Graphic/Industrial)

Context: I want to design stuff. I've already started my own little clothing company Freshmen year, now I am a senior. I am applying for college. I worked at a screenprinting place where I would turn client's ideas into designs to print onto their shirts. Then I am currently interning at a start-up company and I am redesigning their website and phone app. That includes reconfiguring the layout and making all the buttons and what not. And I plan to go to a college, hopefully a UC. Where I go into some type of good design course for this while I intern somewhere. Then hopefully get a design job. And continue to move on up and hopefully get into a big company where I can use my skills to my full advantage.
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Naomi Maria's Questions and Answers

Answer to: Clubs vs Internships Freshman year of college

You can do both, but be choosy in what you do and be wary of how the time you are committing to each endeavor adds up. While I was in school I was in two clubs related to my program, but I also worked in the student newspaper, and did a lot of volunteering and internships in the summer or...

Answer to: What type of resume do you provide for a social impact corporation?

Hello Melissa, One thing that would help your resume stand out amongst the rest when looking for a job at a non-profit is a history of volunteer work on your resume. If you don't have any now, that's okay! You can find organizations in your area that you feel strongly about to donate your...

Answer to: Did your university assist you in your collegiate career?

Oh goodness no, my program did nothing to help me with a career either, but they put a lot of effort in telling us what to do to improve our likelihood in getting accepted into a masters degree program. All the career knowledge I got in university was through my own volunteer work, finding...

Answer to: About architure

Hello Jill! You will need maths in architecture. Like it was mentioned before the drawings are done on the computer, but you will still need to rely on your maths knowledge in many parts the architecture program, namely for structural physics courses where you will learn how to do the...

Answer to: Architecture or Interior Design (or Carpentry)?

Hello Sammi! Besides architecture or interior design programs, you can start looking for universities or colleges with a fine arts school that has a concentration or degree in furniture design. If furniture design is your primary goal, that might be the most logical way to go since you get...

Answer to: Where can I network with professionals outside of career fairs? Where can I network with professionals specifically in my future career field?

Beside the advice already mentioned, I would recommend joining on of the professional organizations related to your degree. You may also want to network with design students at SJSU because these people may one day be your coworkers! They also may be a sideways networking opportunity at...

#networking #college #internships #experience

Answer to: How fit do you have to be for a software developer

There isn't a minimum level of fitness required, but you're going to want to spend some time moving your body since being a developer will involve a lot of time in front of the computer, usually sitting or sometimes standing if you have a standing work station. You will want to do some sort of...

Answer to: What is a good app to use for animating?

It depends on what type of animation you are trying to do, what the specs of your computer are, and what your budget is. Do you know what types of animation you want to make? Are you interested in doing stop motion, drawing individual frames, digital animation, or 3D...

Answer to: how do i get my content (animations) out in the public?

You could post the videos to both Vimeo and YouTube, but I would consider trying to get a username that is the same for both if possible. Vimeo is much more arts oriented video site, but YouTube obviously has more viewing. I recommend doing both because you have the opportunity to get both...

Answer to: what kind of GPA do you have to have for art school?

Your GPA is relevant for getting into any college and university, but another incredibly important thing for applying to art schools is your portfolio. I don't know what grade level you are at in school right now, but regardless of your age, draw, paint, take photos, make sculptures, sew,...

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