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Roxbury Township, New Jersey

Within 40 mile radius
Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua May 29 437 views

Do singers get paid separately from their music royalties? If so do they get paid in wages or salary?

I was curious if singers get paid separately from music royalties and merch?

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Samah May 29 232 views

Does where you get a masters in school counseling have any effect on where you can work afterwards ?

Do certain schools carry more weight than others in terms of physical degree? Like if I have the same gpa in either school, am I more likely to get a better or higher paying job if one of the schools was considered better or more prestigious? And likewise, would going to a cheaper program for...

Ifra’s Avatar
Ifra May 29 168 views

If I want to become a dentist in the future and I am just about to graduate high school should I choose Biology or Dental Hygiene as my major?

In 11th grade in high school

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Ingrid May 28 341 views

What do engineers experience in college?

I believe one career I’m interested in is engineering and I want to learn what engineer students do and how they work in school to graduate.

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Amara May 28 334 views

How did you figure out what to do for the rest of your life?

Like choose your work field? Somedays, I would like to be in medical. Other days, law. It’s a hard choice?

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Joshua May 28 389 views

What are the pros and cons of being a famous singer?

I see my favorite singers in music videos dancing and on world tours and concerts singing and having a blast and making lots of money. But I’ve also seen some of my favorite singers become depressed or angry because of the public (Doja Cat). Also she said that she’s a cash cow in one of her...

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Joshua May 28 369 views

How do I find people to help me with my songwriting ?

I’ve been writing songs for about 3 years and I honestly think they’re not that bad but I don’t know if they’re good either which sometimes leads me to getting rid of them. I would show it to my family members or friends but none of them are as passionate about music as I am so I want to find...

Joshua’s Avatar
Joshua May 28 655 views

What are some good college’s for Preforming Arts and Music?

What are some good college’s for Preforming Arts and Music that I can start to research and see what I like.

Kevin’s Avatar
Kevin May 28 405 views

What do I need to do to possibly become an Architect?

I have just begun creating a Career Village account to possibly gain some information on how I can possibly become an architect in the future.

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Divya May 27 284 views

Med schools?

What colleges are good for jobs in the medical field?

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ayah May 27 175 views

how should i get started if i want to be a neurosurgeon?

i’m in 9th grade and is wondering where should i start if i want to get into an ivy league and become a neurosurgeon

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Jonas May 27 248 views

My Question For Theme Park Entertainment

What is it like to work in a theme park in entertainment

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Nylla May 27 262 views

What further steps can I take to better my experience in the educational field?

I’m currently a sophomore going into junior year and I want to take start doing programs that will help my future career. I want to use every opportunity I can get to reach my long-term goals.

Jorge’s Avatar
Jorge May 27 248 views

process maintaining, diagnosing, and repairing heavy equipment?

Maintenance supervisor of heavy construction equipment

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