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Kamari Aug 19 104 views

Can You Study Abroad while in a BSN Programs?

Hi! I've always wanted to spend a semester abroad, but I'm worried with the rigor of a BSN program, it won't be possible. Would it be better to go over the summer?

Erica’s Avatar
Erica Aug 01 215 views

Is it advisable to take dual enrollment while I enter the senior year of high school?

My school doesn't offer many AP classes, and I'm trying to challenge myself academically. Is it advisable for me to take community college classes during my senior year, and how will it affect my college applications?

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Dustin Jul 20 146 views

i am interested in becoming an register nurse. id like to ask a few questions

1.what is the typical day like.
2. what are the benefits offered by most registered nursing jobs
3. What related fields do you think I should consider looking into?

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Jose Jul 12 121 views

What is need to become a petcare associate?

I love seeing people with pets and always wonder why not at least try to do since I have pets.

Mia’s Avatar
Mia Jul 12 194 views


I need help getting started in my ui/ux design career, also any tips on being a project manager will also be super helpful. Every website I look on to try and get a certificate is almost $1000

Julia’s Avatar
Julia Jul 09 228 views

What are some ways to narrow down career options?

I'm trying to pick a career path for university but don't have a clear goal in mind. I enjoy/am good at math, science, English literature/writing, and humanities; I'm struggling to narrow down a career path and/or major for university.

Jessica’s Avatar
Jessica Jul 06 82 views

What are you employers looking for in a candidate in computer information system?

advice would be appreciated