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Shaila’s Avatar
Shaila Jul 06, 2023 334 views

How do I get into Food Forensics?

I have a B.S. in Forensic Psychology and a minor in Criminal Justice. I've spent the last year in Victim Advocacy. Now I'm considering switching careers up a little and getting into Food Forensics. I've been in a Health and Wellness program for a few months learning about food and I love it. I...

Rose’s Avatar
Rose Jul 07, 2023 343 views

How to manage time for K-pop training and university ?

How should I manage Time if I get training of singing and dancing and pursue bachelors in non music field .how to self study and do everything orderly ??

Mady’s Avatar
Mady Jul 07, 2023 334 views

What do you need to help get into college and vet school? Also what are good majors to go into for veterinary science?

I'm going into sophomore year and I need to keep thinking about options on how to be better set for a veterinary program

opal’s Avatar
opal Jul 09, 2023 437 views

Hi,I'm currently in college to become a computer technician,is there anything I should know about this career beforehand?

Just any advice in general would be greatly appreciated,thank you.

Aathmika’s Avatar
Aathmika Jul 10, 2023 509 views

What degrees would you say would be most useful for someone looking to go into an astronomy-related career?

It's been a dreambof mine to go into this field, but i'm not really sure where to truly start.

Muhsanat’s Avatar
Muhsanat Jul 10, 2023 448 views

What are some opportunities and skills I can look into if I prefer minimal coding jobs/internships??

I'm a rising junior in college studying CS, and I'm really looking forward to exploring various roles in tech, including non-coding, and how I can get into them.

Shambhvi’s Avatar
Shambhvi Jul 10, 2023 277 views

What are some things I should do in freshmen year to stand out to colleges?

I want to do med and I am currently a high school freshmen.

Joseph’s Avatar
Joseph Jun 20, 2023 299 views

How can I tell if what I’m currently doing in high school will lead to success in my future?

I’m a tenth grade interested in writing and documentary film making.

Rachel’s Avatar
Rachel Jun 19, 2023 358 views

Is writing a good personal statement necessary for admission?

Good evening respected peers. My name is Rachel, a college student. I am seeking admission to a good university nowadays. I have applied to 2 universities and they are asking me to submit my documents along with an admission essay or a personal statement. I wanted to ask if I write that, what...

Ema’s Avatar
Ema May 18, 2023 351 views

How might i go about starting my own buisness and/or publishing books and sticking to one project if I'm neurodivergent?

My dream future is owning a live in bookstore that is kind of like a cat cafe except with added books and more animals and to become an author however i am nerodivergent and have an extremely hard time sticking with one project before moving on to another any tips on how to get out of this...

Liv’s Avatar
Liv Apr 16, 2023 357 views

What are the steps to take to become an English college professor?

I want to be a creative writing college professor. I'm a junior in high school, so it's time for me to start planning what I need to do in college.

Katelyn’s Avatar
Katelyn Apr 16, 2023 661 views

Why do we go to school?

I think we go to school because we need to learn about back in the S day and about are world

Shaina’s Avatar
Shaina May 01, 2023 457 views

Why do I feel burnout just by thinking about the project?

I have a lot of projects that include the school projects which I can't seem to finish yet because just by thinking and organizing it is overwhelming and I burned out.

Terrell’s Avatar
Terrell May 13, 2023 327 views

How do I become a best selling author ?

I’m a fresh man in high school trying to get into college also trying to be a great author and writer

ray’s Avatar
ray May 15, 2023 345 views

what do you reccomend for a young creative writer?

i want to do something in my free time, and am a great writer. i do like art and other creative things. also, i don't know how to be an lgbtq writer. please help me.