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Carly Apr 25 198 views

should I go to college in my city first then transfer to a uni?

I graduted early and a lot of people have been telling me I should go to my community college which just got promoted to a state college for a year before I go to uni. I have no idea what to do and could really use some advice.

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Zaid Apr 01 439 views

What should i do if i want to major in chemical engineering but the university im planning to go to doesn’t offer said program. I was thinking of majoring in materials science and engineering and getting a minor in chemistry. Could that potentially land me any chemical engineering jobs, or should I reconsider what im planning to do?

Hello! Im in 11th grade and absolutely love both engineering and chemistry.

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allaya Oct 08, 2023 510 views

what should i do in each grade in high school to better my chances of getting into top colleges?

like what should i do in 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade?? pls give me a detailed guide :)

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Sydney Sep 28, 2023 267 views

How stressful is teaching with little kids compared to big kids?

it depends

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Adilay Sep 26, 2023 1297 views

what are the different careers involved in mental health?

I'm interested in mental health and how the human brain works and would like to pursue a career related to those things

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Aliana Aug 25, 2023 288 views

What can I do to set myself up to be better of in my pursuit to be a psychiatrist?

I’m a 10th grader living in Florida which recently banned AP Psychology before I could take it. I took into to psychology last year and wanted to know if there is anything else I could do.

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Andrea Aug 09, 2023 732 views

How do I choose what major / career if I'm interested in everything and nothing really stands out?

I was going to pursue law, but then acupuncture sounded interesting, but also com sci. I don't have experience in any of these three categories, so who knows? Maybe I won't like all of them. I'm applying to college soon, but I don't really have an idea of what I want to do so I'm kind of...

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abi Aug 04, 2023 412 views

where is the best place to find information about the process of college admissions and applications?

I am going into senior year and wanna know where to start for scholarships as well as picking the right degree and university for me.

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allaya Jul 29, 2023 571 views

how many safety, target, and reach schools should someone apply to?

the title says it all so yeah

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Hannah Jun 25, 2023 399 views

How do you find a career you're interested in?

I just finished my junior year, and only know that I am interested in the general field of psychology and mental health.

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Moyemi Jun 12, 2023 273 views

Can i become an actor,writer as well a singer at thesame time? Or w Is what I thought true... I would write ar home,sing at studio and go for theatre art course at the UNIVERSITY, does it work like that

Entertainment and art

Camirah’s Avatar
Camirah Jun 15, 2023 353 views

Why is it so hard to look for colleges?

I'm a freshman and my parents want me to look for colleges but also want me to look for colleges that won't make me school broke.

Jabar’s Avatar
Jabar May 28, 2023 371 views

What Career is best for me?

I'm currently enrolled in a college as a freshman and I'm struggling to find a major. I am considering a History, Political Science, or maybe an urban studies major. But I'm also struggling to find a career I would like to do as unlike a college major, I don't really have a idea what I want to...

Gordon’s Avatar
Gordon May 15, 2023 322 views

How can someone balance their job, their education, and their family?

How should someone manage their work hours to allow enough time to keep up with their education but also have enough time remaining to spend with their family?

Leo’s Avatar
Leo May 08, 2023 394 views

How do I quit my job?

What do I tell my employer? Do I have to give my 2 weeks notice?