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Jose Mar 20 30 views

what is the best process that will work to become a psychiatrist?

help needed

Jose’s Avatar
Jose Mar 20 24 views

what are the struggles that come with becoming a psychiatrist?


any help would be appreciated

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Meghana Mar 20 41 views

How hard/easy are Indian medical colleges (MBBS) when I graduated from high school (12th) in the U.S??

I am going to complete my 12th grade in the US next year. I am considering going to India for medicine as it is much cheaper and shorter.
In a general sense how well would I be able to do in Indian Medical colleges.
I studied in India until my 8th grade and then came to the U.S. from 9th-12th.

Jose’s Avatar
Jose Mar 20 29 views

how does assessing, diagnosing, and treating mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders work?


Eden’s Avatar
Eden Mar 20 109 views

What does a typical day look like for a Construction Manager?

How long did the process take of becoming a Construction Manager?
What types of training or education would be needed to become a construction manager?
Thank you for answering!

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Cailin Mar 20 62 views

What's a good starting pay for an office job in San Jose?

Office job.

Cailin’s Avatar
Cailin Mar 20 87 views

Whats a good business to start out with for an office job?

Just looking for a good office job.

Alex’s Avatar
Alex Mar 20 65 views

What was your experience in grad-school for Psychology?

How do you pick your focus? What was your experience like in picking your focus? What job did you end up picking? What job did you end up getting after picking your focus?

Anthony’s Avatar
Anthony Mar 20 26 views

What is the average pay for a nurse practitioner in San Jose?

I'm looking into the salary and need a little help.

Alex’s Avatar
Alex Mar 20 34 views

What are the differences with being a clinical-therapist, therapist, and psychologist?

Are there differences between these? Or are they different ways to refer to the same thing? Can you apply for these jobs all with the same degree?

Anthony’s Avatar
Anthony Mar 20 37 views

How can one get from a registered nurse to a nurse practitioner?

I'm looking into whether It is worth it or not.

Alex’s Avatar
Alex Mar 20 29 views

What was your application process for becoming a therapist like?

What was your experience with finding a job and what is your experience been like since securing the position?

Anthony’s Avatar
Anthony Mar 20 35 views

What are the best steps to becoming a nurse practitioner?

I've been thinking about furthering my medical field career.

Cailin’s Avatar
Cailin Mar 20 51 views

What are some benefits that come with an office administration job??

I was thinking of having an office administration job.

Anthony’s Avatar
Anthony Mar 20 40 views

How many years does it take to be a nurse practitioner?

advanced degree

Yonathan’s Avatar
Yonathan Mar 20 43 views

How much does a sport agent make per contact ?

I am a senior in high school and I am passionate about sports.

Aaron’s Avatar
Aaron Mar 20 113 views

Do you like what u do?

Do you enjoy your job?

Alexander’s Avatar
Alexander Mar 20 35 views

How long and how difficult are college classes for a person who wants to study agriculture?

In Arizona

Paul’s Avatar
Paul Mar 20 48 views

How do plants work?

how do they grow when they are in the dirt

Jasper’s Avatar
Jasper Mar 20 101 views

What does a Computer Service Technician do on a day-to-day basis ?

unit two lesson thirteen

Samuel’s Avatar
Samuel Mar 20 37 views

How many years of education to be in agriculture?

In state of arizona

Eliel’s Avatar
Eliel Mar 20 17 views

What diploma do you need to be an agriculturist?

To start working

Adan’s Avatar
Adan Mar 20 45 views

Does agriculture require only basic manual labor?

I would like to grow in agriculture but i feel like just taking care of the plants woudn't be exciting enough for me, is there other things that would require harder work to do? Or is it simply just watering plants.

Juan’s Avatar
Juan Mar 20 31 views

How much money is earned, and how much school is needed or recommended?

In Arizona

Jason’s Avatar
Jason Mar 20 22 views

How can you improve in agriculture by being useful ?

trying to find ways to upgrade by working in agriculture

Jancarlo’s Avatar
Jancarlo Mar 20 16 views

How many years do I need for a good agriculture career?

what good careers can i get

edwin’s Avatar
edwin Mar 20 21 views

What is the best school from agriculture?

In california

Juan’s Avatar
Juan Mar 20 20 views

Is agriculture a profitable industry?

In Arizona is agriculture a good investment?

Jennifer’s Avatar
Jennifer Mar 20 32 views

What does agriculture do ?

In different ways you can help with farming and growing crops.

Dylan’s Avatar
Dylan Mar 20 33 views

What is the best school for agriculture??

A school that will give you more understanding of Agriculture

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