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Candy May 04 108 views

What should I major in.??

I am interested in python script. I started learning it yesterday, and I was wondering what I should major in if I would want to pursue that career. I was questioning computer science or computer programming.

Brycen’s Avatar
Brycen Feb 28 138 views

What are the job tasks and/or required college classes for high school music teachers?

I'm a sophomore in high school that's taking both band and choir. Those are likely some of my favorite classes, and I've also been considering becoming a teacher for years. What are the day-to-day job tasks for high school band and choir teachers, and what college courses are required to get there?

Amy’s Avatar
Amy Feb 20 271 views

What should I do the summer after high school as an incoming pre-med freshman?

As someone who is planning to pursue neuroscience on the pre-med track, what are some things I should do in the summer after I graduate high school? I was thinking of getting a certificate so I can work and have clinical experience during my first year in college.


Isabel’s Avatar
Isabel Dec 16, 2022 258 views

How should I prepare myself in high school to enter in nuclear medicine programs?

I am a junior in high school wanting to get into nuclear medicine. I have only taken anatomy and physiology, no other medical classes.

Chyanna’s Avatar
Chyanna Feb 08 145 views

If you want to be a Travel Nurse, is it worth it?

I've heard from other people that it can be kinda dangerous, but the pay is good. I was wondering if becoming a travel nurse is a wise choice.

Khalil’s Avatar
Khalil Feb 08 176 views

How to build your music career?

How does a music artist get recognized if they are a beginner?

Elena’s Avatar
Elena Feb 08 120 views

Colleges for broadcast meteorology?

I'm interested in pursuing broadcast meteorology but am unsure what colleges/ universities located in the pacific northwest, midwest, or northeast offer this major. Thanks!

Elle’s Avatar
Elle Feb 07 149 views

Is there anything you'd recommend for me to do to become my own business owner towards the culinary arts?

This is a passion I want to pursue and would love any tips and tricks to learn and help me along my life's passion for the culinary arts.

Blake’s Avatar
Blake Jan 30 188 views

witch career path should i go into?

I have studied for both collision repair and digital design but I also want to do welding in the future. Witch career path should I go into to enjoy and make the most money?

Cadence’s Avatar
Cadence Jan 29 177 views

What do I need to be a successful space engineer

How do I get into being a space engineer? What classes should I take in highschool? What college should I think about going to? What can I do to make sure I make it to where I want to be as a space engineer for N?ASA?

Mathias’s Avatar
Mathias Feb 05 354 views

What are good languages to learn for working as a Computer Programmer?

At the moment, I know HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, and C#, are any other languages good to know for this job?

Nikitha’s Avatar
Nikitha Feb 04 143 views

What is my best option to become a veterinarian?

To give a little context, I’m a 30 year old female from India. The last time I studied biology was in high school (12th grade). I did my undergraduate degree in engineering. During my senior year in engineering, I went through a traumatic experience. My local municipality had hired men to go...

SKylar’s Avatar
SKylar Feb 02 214 views

What can I use in the airforce?

Will I need a lot of money or a degree for something big? I intend on joining the air force and doing something with languages. I have been in french for 9+ years and love it. I want to know if it's possible to join with pretty good grades and only a high school diploma.

Sebastian’s Avatar
Sebastian Feb 01 199 views

Do you do computer programing as an aerospace engineer?

Do you do computer programing as an aerospace engineer?

Jake’s Avatar
Jake Dec 08, 2022 343 views

What kind of materials should our commercial insurance brokers be using?

We have a team of commercial sales brokers that are trying to hit increasingly higher sales targets. If you were running a business, or operating the purchasing, what kind of materials would be influential to you? Brochures? Realtor style folders? Referral programs? SWAG? I'm hoping to give...