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Civic Duty
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Aunnika Apr 24 176 views

What is the best major i could choose aiming for a degree in law and why #spring24?

Im confused on which classes will benifet me the most and get me the furthest in regards to this career choice, i know i want to take pre-law which is provided in two different majors like sociology and integrated literary arts, but i dont know what the best choice would be. #spring24

Danielle’s Avatar
Danielle Apr 25 308 views

If not law, what career should rational thinkers with an interest in current events and living comfortably pursue? #Spring24

I believe I really want to become a lawyer, or be involved with the law in any type of way.. but if I had to choose something else- another job with the same values- what are some good options? #Spring24

Amy’s Avatar
Amy Apr 26 253 views

What degrees for becoming a police officer?

I want a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree and maybe even a Master of Criminal Justice degree. Should I go to a community college for my first two years of undergraduate education and then move to a 4-year college for my bachelor's/master's? Are the degrees even necessary? Also,...

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Jan Michael Apr 29 133 views

What do veterinarians mainly focus on.?

I really wanted to be a veterinarian. So I would want stuff that make me b in the right direction to become a veterinarian.

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Carly Apr 24 289 views

Should I wait a year to go to uni and what major should I choose?

What major should I go into and should I wait a year to go to uni? I am 16 and graduated highschool a year and a half early and have no idea what to do next. I decided what college to go but my father thinks I should do a year at community college and then switch to uni. I also have been...

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desi Apr 29 132 views

job discripton about a vet

job discripton about a vet

Logan’s Avatar
Logan Apr 29 253 views

Any tips on how to become a pilot?

I am in 9th grade and I want to know how to become a pilot and get the 3,500 hours to get the license in the NYC area.

Carter’s Avatar
Carter Apr 30 460 views

Why business?

Why should I be interested in business? I feel as if I am interested but I don't know how to get started. Any tips will help, I am a very young age and may require help from my legal guardian.

Matthew’s Avatar
Matthew Apr 29 309 views

How can you choose a business career ?

I've been having tough time making decisions

Chris’s Avatar
Chris Apr 29 154 views

What are my chances of getting the best grades?

I want to study medicine,

Susan’s Avatar
Susan Apr 30 462 views

What can I do as a physiologist?

Can I be allow to work in the surgery room for my IT even though I study physiology?

Luke’s Avatar
Luke Apr 30 585 views

How to keep coming up with ideas for a sitcom series? #Spring 2024

I am 16 and writing a TV sitcom to make on my high school stage with sets, costumes, makeup and the lot. I am also the lead actor, the director and producing it. I have 21 episode ideas, the first two fully scripted. What is the best way to keep the creative juices flowing with a hectic high...

Luke’s Avatar
Luke Apr 29 347 views

How can teenagers realistically portray adults when acting? #Sping2024

I am a 16 year old interested in making my career in film acting, directing, writing, and producing. I am creating a TV sitcom set in 1950s New York. All of my actors will be high schoolers, who will be portraying adults. How can I sell the idea to distributors such as Tubi, even though adult...

Chris’s Avatar
Chris Apr 29 245 views

I love sport..and I would like to get a do I go about it? And what steps should I take to achieve this?

I love playing soccer ⚽

Jesus’s Avatar
Jesus Apr 27 289 views

What state offers the best opportunities for someone wanting to be an FBI agent?

Would Los Angeles be a good choice?