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Charles C.’s Avatar
Charles C. Mar 15, 2018 362 views

How can I eventually become a Hedge fund manager? If ever?

I've always been sort of into business-y type things and more recently I've learned quite a bit about the market and have even started reading investopedia whenever I get bored. For some reason, recently I have been absolutely captivated by hedge funds...though many can have legally dubious...

#hedge-funds #stocks-investing #hedge-fund

Salvin S.’s Avatar
Salvin S. May 22, 2016 943 views

Is there any advice for someone who might want to be a Youtuber?

Ever since I came to America in 2004, I have been fascinated with the American way of life. Here people don't wait for their dream to happen, they make it happen on the spot. There are Youtubers who have been on YouTube since 2005, but these people never gave up. They kept making videos, and...

#video #college #tech #editing #film #youtube #university #technology

Claire R.’s Avatar
Claire R. Aug 22, 2018 168 views

What is the best way to prepare for a career in veterinary medicine before college?

I am set on becoming a veterinarian and have been ever since I was 8 years old. Just last year I scored a volunteer position at the local humane society and have volunteered for 70 hours there. However, I will be a junior in high school this fall feel like I am not doing enough to prepare and...

#veterinary #science

Mariah M.’s Avatar
Mariah M. Jul 26 225 views

What extra-curricular activities can I do (during the pandemic) to standout on my college application?

I'm a junior in high school who is starting her college journey. I'm interested in studying English, Philosophy, Business, and Computer Science. I've been trying to study how to trade stocks. #high-school #day-trading #collegejourney #finance #college-applications...


Ameera V.’s Avatar
Ameera V. May 27, 2016 661 views

What holds women back the most in a workplace? Preferably women majoring in STEM.

Recently received my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. I will be attending graduate school in the fall to receive my Master's of Science degree. In the near future I plan on teaching at a university level. #women-in-stem #women...


Logan  J.’s Avatar
Logan J. May 25, 2016 754 views

How difficult is it to find a job after college for computer programmers?

I want to go to college to learn how to program computers, but I'm wondering how the job market for computer programmers are? #computer #software #programming #java...


Logan  J.’s Avatar
Logan J. May 25, 2016 607 views

What courses should I be looking to take to become a computer programmer / software delevoper?

I want to go to college to learn about something within computer programming. #computer #software #programming #development...


Theodore D.’s Avatar
Theodore D. Aug 22, 2016 383 views

How do you find the best solutions for balancing work life and school?

Im Theo and I am currently studying Social work at Eastern Michigan University. Sometimes its very hard to balance the two and still have a little fun....


Vanessa  J.’s Avatar
Vanessa J. Oct 10, 2017 416 views

What's the hardest part about being any type of doctor?

I would wanna know the ups and downs of being a doctor. #medicine #doctor #eye-doctor ##doctor...


Vanessa  J.’s Avatar
Vanessa J. Oct 10, 2017 337 views

How much work did it take to become an orthopedic surgeon? Did it all pay off?

I've been interested in this job for a while now. i still have a lot of time to think about my future but i would love to know. #medicine-practice #orthopedics #sports-and-orthopedics #sports-injuries...


Lidia M.’s Avatar
Lidia M. Oct 10, 2017 491 views

Could I do nursing during college?

Can I start to do this type of job during the college without graduation yet? #nurse #healthcare #nursing #medicine...


Erin M.’s Avatar
Erin M. Sep 01, 2017 524 views

Do I have to decide to pursue medical studies right at the start of college?

I'm interested in a lot of careers, medicine being on of them. I want to have time to take classes in college and explore my options but I know that getting into medical school takes a lot of work and is very challenging. If I go into college not knowing what I want to do, will it be too hard...

#pre-med #medicine

zeinab F.’s Avatar
zeinab F. Oct 10, 2017 472 views

How many years does it take to become an eye doctor?

i want to become an eye doctor but im not sure how many years it takes to complete that. #medicine #eye-care #eye-doctor #doctor...


Juanez L.’s Avatar
Juanez L. Jan 16, 2018 230 views

What classes do I need to take to be an anesthesiologist?

I want to be an anesthesiologist but not sure what classes to take or major to select...


Ana R.’s Avatar
Ana R. Sep 18, 2018 313 views

Can I major in Business Management and go to Dental School or Optometry School?

I'm a freshman who just started college and I'm quite confused. At first I was a business major and then switched over to biological sciences because I've always wanted a career in the health field and thought that might be the best major. Now, I don't really think so. I either want to be a...

#college-major #business-management #pre-dental #college #entrepreneur #pre-optometry #optometry #dental #health #business

Hanan M.’s Avatar
Hanan M. Apr 02, 2018 352 views

What do I need to do to ensure that my resume is one of the best out there?

I asked a high school senior at my school the other day to show me her resume because she's one of the best students at my school. She hesitated but ended up showing it to me, and I was absolutely shocked. She had almost 5 pages of numerous clubs, programs, organizations, awards, and other...

#resume-building #highschoolhelp #medicine

Hanan M.’s Avatar
Hanan M. Apr 03, 2018 306 views

What will set my resume apart from everyone else for medical school?

I really want my resume to be the "OMG check this one out!" type resume. However, I don't really know what that entails, I know that you need things like good grades, high SAT scores, and etc. but is there anything else that people usually don't have that sets them apart? #medicine #medschool...


Eythan F.’s Avatar
Eythan F. Oct 03, 2019 123 views

What should I do if still undecided by next year?

Im still undecided and nothing has caught my eye for what I really want?...


Vanessa  B.’s Avatar
Vanessa B. Aug 12, 2016 498 views

Are there any efficient ways to finish medical school earlier?

I understand that becoming a doctor is a long process but I want to finish my schooling earlier so that I can explore the world around me and to broaden my perspective of the world around me. #travel #college-advice #medicine...


Aleena M.’s Avatar
Aleena M. May 13 227 views
Susanne B.’s Avatar
Susanne B. May 11, 2016 1206 views

How did you feel when you first left off for college?

I have never been away from home for very long. I am a home body. I am anxious, but I am also very nervous. I just wanted to know if that was normal and if you could share your own personal experiences. #college #human-resources #help #life-coach...


Morgan B.’s Avatar
Morgan B. May 18, 2016 401 views

How long does it take to pay off your whole college education?

I received a partial scholarship to college but I am not eligible for any other free money such as grants. College is still going to be really expensive. I am worried about how I can pay for it and if I will have a job in the future that can help me pay off student loans. I hope to be a...

#financial #loans

Theo B.’s Avatar
Theo B. Mar 10, 2016 825 views

What are the differences between working in finance at a company and investing at a fund?

I would like to learn about the differences in what I would be doing, what the lifestyle would be like, and the qualifications to achieve it. #finance #financial-services #investment-management...


Manny M.’s Avatar
Manny M. Mar 22, 2019 98 views

How do I become a Civil Engineer?

I want to be able to design and build long lasting, and beautiful...

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