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Keya Aug 20 175 views

Is it possible to do schooling while in the navy/ military?

I plan on going to the navy and know all the requirements needed, but is it possible to continue my education whilst in the navy?

Bella’s Avatar
Bella Aug 20 308 views

How can I start looking for a job after college?

I am going to college soon and have not yet decided where or what for. But my main concern is how difficult it will be to find a career after graduating

Evelyn’s Avatar
Evelyn Aug 20 546 views

What AP classes should I take if I want to work in the medical field?

Hi, I'm a ninth-grade student wanting to work in medicine. I am wondering if any AP courses are related to the medical field and if they would increase the chance of getting into a good college.

Ally’s Avatar
Ally Aug 18 331 views

What types of careers are there in the medical field?

I’m an incoming junior and I want to explore jobs on the medical field. I am currently thinking about college and what I may want to study if I were to enter the medical field.

Layla’s Avatar
Layla Aug 18 225 views

How stressful is it working in the medical field?

Is it very stressful with work hours and do you have time to do the things you like?

Tai’s Avatar
Tai Aug 19 116 views

when would be a good time to start my career?

when would be a good time to start my career?

bailynn’s Avatar
bailynn Aug 16 132 views

How can i boost my customers ?

I want to get more customers to boost my business and sales so that I can upgraded packaging and hire more people to help me with this project i am working on

Grace’s Avatar
Grace Aug 15 113 views

How do I find financial aid?

I was just accepted into Mahsa University's School of Medicine. How can I pay for it?

Caitlynn’s Avatar
Caitlynn Aug 15 147 views

How do I enhance a job application to increase my chances of being hired?

It seems as though I apply to jobs but never hear back. Is there a way to change this?

Nathan’s Avatar
Nathan Aug 14 89 views

Is it beneficial to have any sort of experience even If it doesn't relate to your field of work?

I'm planning on starting my career in Security & Protective Services but what If have experience stocking shelves or working in customer service?

Walt’s Avatar
Walt Aug 14 127 views

How can I keep my grades up?

11th grade is around the corner and it’s the hardest grade at my school. I need to keep my grades up before graduation.

polina’s Avatar
polina Aug 14 87 views

When i will grow up will i succeed?

when i will grow up will i succeed and will make i become good or bad

Anna’s Avatar
Anna Aug 14 227 views

What are some virtual volunteering opportunities with organizations?

I have an interest in international organizations and those with a focus on social activism, advocacy, medicine, computer science, or STEM overall. Thanks!

Regulus’s Avatar
Regulus Aug 14 372 views

What skill do you wish you had before entering your field?

I have been thinking a lot about my future and how to make a smooth entry into the career of my choice when it comes time (I plan on being a field medic in the Marine Corps.) and want advice on what to work on from now until I can apply.

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Love Aug 13 157 views

How do I get an high paying job at such an young age?

Someone help me and tell me what to write for my questions because idk and Im broke and I need food so you I really need help with how to do this stuff idk