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A career is a personal journey that is not defined by a single role or moment in time. Every job is a part of your career, and occupation will provide...

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Christian P. Jan 27 36 views

How hard is it to work as Rehabilitation Technician ?

I'm going to job corps and trying to get certified as a Rehabilitation Technician. And I was wondering how hard this career is. So what do you do everyday on the job ? #career...


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John-Peter O. Mar 26, 2018 951 views

What kind of companies are the best places for biomedical engineers to work in?

I'm a senior in high school and interested in Biomedical Engineering. I am also very interested in following a guideline to becoming a seasoned and well respected Biomedical Engineer. #biomedical-engineering #engineering #biomedical...


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Odalis A. 2 days ago 13 views

how many years does it take to do Office Administration?

I am very caring I have good morals. When I am working I enjoy working as a team with my co workers. #business...


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Belicia C. Jan 03 63 views
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keon R. Jun 26, 2019 87 views
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Odalis A. 2 days ago 12 views

is Office Administration a good paying job?

I am very optimistic. self oriented and very courageous. I can define anything when it comes to completing my tasks. #college...


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Odalis A. 2 days ago 5 views

what benefits do I get if I join Office Administration?

I am very helpful . I enjoy helping people out. I have integrity and initiative. #career...


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Kwan Tung L. 2 days ago 25 views

What's one advice you would give to fresh grads?

Currently at my last year of collage education and would be thankful for any advice :) #college #education...


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Zachery S. Feb 12 26 views
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Timothy O. Jun 13, 2016 2022 views

Are Leaders born or made?

I am a high school student and I consider myself a leader. I however, want to improve my leadership skills as I will be taking on bigger leadership positions in the next school year. I know that leaders are made through learning and teaching but also, could it be true that we may be born with...

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Lakshmi S. Feb 03 66 views

I'm looking for direction to restart my career. What can I do to land myself a job in the field of instructional design/ training/ learning and development?

I have a master's in organizational behavior ( Applied Psychology) from India. I moved to the USA about two years ago and I recently got my work permit. I am also a certified ICF (ACC) Coach and have about 2+ years of experience (from my pervious job in India) in the field of training,...

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Caroline (Skyler) G. Mar 27, 2018 273 views

Will the influx of students interested in majoring in a form of marine science make it harder for me to get a career once I graduate?

A lot of people I know are going to college for a form of marine science, like #marine-biology. Is it already a competitive career? And will it become more competitive? #marine-science #career...


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Ryan L. Aug 27, 2019 107 views

What is a good entry level job to start building work experience while on a Business Administration track?

I see myself as having the skills to be a strong leader in my professional future, but I want to start building the workplace experience to match and further develop those skills. What entry-level positions would give me relevant work experience that would be valued after completion of my...

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Therizo B. Feb 11 27 views

what are the things that you're really interesting about your jobs?

They're are things that i wouldn't like about my jobs....


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Tessa S. Feb 02 48 views

How did you decide on a specific career you wanted to pursue?

I’m a junior in high school and there are many STEM fields out there that I’m interested in but I’m not sure how to narrow it down. #stem #career #college...


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Josh P. Feb 12 30 views

Want to go into advisory / management consulting. Which is a better stepping stone? Audit or Tax?

Hi. I'm an accounting fresh graduate who is currently trying to complete ACCA. I would like to go into advisory or management consulting but lately there are no responses from Big4 and other consulting firms. Therefore, I might have to start my career in either external audit or tax. Which of...

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Noe H. Sep 18, 2019 45 views

What is a typical day like in Automotive?

I am begging in jobcorps looking to get a carrer in automotive. I am age 24 current living in el paso #job #career...


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Alina K. Feb 12 19 views

What kind of license do I need to start doing brow service (brow shaping, tweezing, brow dyeing)?

I am interested just in brow service, Do I need cosmetologist license or is it any other option to start this working and brow master legally? #cosmetology...


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Gabrielle B. Jan 30 52 views

How much of your job in community development involves research?

Do you feel that you need to really study the community you are working with in order to benefit them most? Do you find that reaching out to community members helps to understand the needs of the whole community most adequately, or do you research programs similar to ones you may be considering...

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Trayvon M. Feb 10 17 views

What make brick laying organize?

I'm 19 year old I'm interested in brick laying due to it being a organize environment , how many step does it take?...