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Healthcare focuses on the maintenance and improvement of health. Many careers support healthcare such as doctors, nurses, hospital staff and medical research. For more information, please read below.

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What are things that look good on College Applications?

My top career choices are the following. 1-Registered Nurse, 2- Physical Therapist, 3-Substance abuse counselor, or 4- HR management. However I do not know which one I will pursue yet. #psychology #healthcare #counselor #career #college #applications...


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Krishna P. Sep 24 44 views

What does a day in a pediatric doctors life look like?

I want to be in the medical field. I have not decided if that look like being a doctor for me or a surgeon. I also love working with kids and I feel as if this is a career that I would love but, want to know more about. #hospital #healthcare...


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How many patients do you have a day?

I like to keep myself busy but not too busy where I hate my job now. I have a career I want but I also want to learn about different types of careers. #all careers #finding career #career #career-path #career-choice #orthodontist #dental hygienist #doctor #surgeon #job #pediatrician #eye...

#medicine #any #healthcare #therapist #counselor

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Should I double major in music and microbiology?

I'm a rising senior and I am thinking about becoming a physician assistant. I have been playing french horn since 6th grade and also have a big interest in medicine. The problem is that I am not sure if I should double major in music and mcb or just microbiology. I want to have enough time...

#medicine #college-major #healthcare #doublemajor #july20 #music #physicianassistant #physician

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Alice X. Jul 24 101 views

What are some of the less well-known jobs available in healthcare?

Besides being a doctor, nurse, surgeon, etc., what are some other less known jobs in the healthcare industry? What do each of their jobs entail? For some of these jobs, is med school necessary? #july20...


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Tara S. Jul 20 94 views

How feasible is doing a PhD and MD at the same time?

How feasible is it to become both a scientist and a doctor? Thank you! #july20 #medicine #healthcare #scientist...


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Tara S. Jul 20 81 views

How did you choose your field of healthcare?

Hi! I'm wondering how you chose what field of healthcare to get into and the things you like the most and dislike the most about it. Thank you! #medicine #healthcare #field...


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DEANNA G. Jul 17 80 views

Ways to improve the healthcare system

I have seen many videos in the media where people are explaining to doctors and nurses that they are hurt. The doctors and nurses are not believing these people and the people end up dead or seriously ill. How can we put an end to this?! #doctor #july20 #career...


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DEANNA G. Jul 17 86 views

Advice for those entering the Healthcare field?

The healthcare field can be a very challenging place for anyone, and I was wondering is there any advice to keep me on the right track. #knowledge #july20...


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Abigail O. Jul 17 100 views

In general, what is it like to be an anesthesiologist?

I’m curious about what being an anesthesiologist or assistant anesthesiologist is actually like. What does an average day look like? What is the most exciting part of the job? What is the hardest part of the job? How much time do you spend working with other people? What was the college...

#medicine #july20 #healthcare #career-counseling #anesthesiologist

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Asya M. Jul 17 58 views

As an aspiring SLP, is it possible to simultaneously work as a medical SLP and a school-based SLP, or would it be more beneficial to do one before the other?

Hi! I’m very interested in working with those with special needs, though I’m also interested in working in a medical setting where I will be able to learn from other healthcare professionals while I work (hence my interest in both school-based and medical speech-language pathology). I was...

#slp #healthcare #speechpathology #july20

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how can one get from a RN to a nurse practitioner

Currently a senior in high school looking to get into nursing #nurse-practitioner #nursing #nurse #registered-nurses...


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Hi, i am interested in being a nurse and is very lost on what is the pathway is in being a nurse. what school should i apply to?

I am an incoming senior and is getting ready for college application season. I also really want to go to a four year, specially a UC. i am an honor student and have experience in volunteering and leadership. #nursing #nurse #college #registered-nurses #healthcare...

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Jessica H. Jul 08 96 views

Why did you choose to go in the medical field?

I feel like going into the medical field is such a big step in your life. #medicine...


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What if I can't handle nursing school?

I know it's going to be frustrating and hard to remember every little thing. #medicine #healthcare...


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What's your motivation for being a nurse?

I want to know what are some things I can do to help me become a nurse? #nursing...


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What percentage of babies end up in NICU?

I love being with newborns and taking care of them....


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What is the most efficient pathway to become a Registered Nurse?

Becoming a registered nurse has been my career goal since I started high school. #registered-nurses #medicine...


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Jessica H. Jul 08 78 views

What are the benefits becoming an RN?

I'm Jessica. I'm becoming a junior and I'll be looking at colleges for nursing. #nursing...


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Jennifer S. Jul 04 74 views

Which specialty of nursing did you choose, how did you prepare for it and why did you choose it?

Hello everyone! I'm a first-generation college student and CNA here in San Diego. I'm pursuing a nursing career and am convinced that I will be specializing in a branch of nursing (masters) in the future. Currently, I'm in the process of receiving a general degree in math and science this fall!...

#nurses #college #medicine #healthcare #nurse #nursing

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Athena R. Jul 02 133 views

How can I get accepted into nursing school straight from high school?

Hello, I am currently a rising junior in high school. I am very interested in nursing, and becoming an RN. I want to obtain a BSN, and later my masters because I want to specialize in sports medicine or orthopedics. I am currently interning at a rehab facility, and want to find some volunteer...

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