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byron P. Nov 01 22 views
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Julionna C. Nov 08 48 views

why did you pick computer programming?

# #computer-science and i love...

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brendan S. yesterday 25 views

How do you program?

I like playing video games #technology #video-games #programming...


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Dustin M. Dec 09 25 views

What are some ways I can get into acting on the cheep?

I'm a retired army veteran (since 2012 ) I'm 33 years old and I want to pursue acting as a career, I have no experience but I'll need to start somewhere. Balancing that with a family and Living in Austin, Texas it seems that the odds are stacked against me. After the Army I went to...

#film-acting #theater #acting #military

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Rayne F. Nov 22 27 views
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Katelyn F. Oct 15 37 views

how many year do a pediatrician have to go to school.

I am out going , nice, love kids, smart and more. I will like to be a pediatrician because i #pediatrician love kids and helping other but my...

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Gavin P. yesterday 5 views

How much does a plumber make a year

I'm deciding on a electrician or plumber for my future job #money #job...


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Madison P. Jan 20, 2018 448 views

What is the best course of action through college (majors and internships) for someone interested in becoming a lobbyist for agriculture?

I am interested in becoming a lobbyist, specifically for agriculture. I am currently a business: marketing major. I was wondering if this is a good track to remain on or if I need to go into something along the lines of Political Science. I am aware that I will also have to go back for my...

#lobbyist #agriculture

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hannah S. yesterday 6 views
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hannah S. yesterday 11 views
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Jalyn M. Sep 01, 2017 379 views

Is it worse to fail at something or never attempt it in the first place?

I'm asking this because I was afraid to attend college at first because I didn't think I'd be able to go through with it. #college...


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josiah L. May 12, 2017 417 views

Where do you go to school to be a policeman.

Because i would like to be a policeman....


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Derek W. Dec 10 39 views

What type of job should I apply too

I don't have much experience in anything except for babysitting and technology #technology #job...


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Lilianna C. Nov 14 15 views
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Destiny A. Feb 08, 2017 410 views

Do you have to change your original appearance to be a model?

Hey my name is destiny and I like being myself. I know change is good, but I like my own hair and I don't want to cut it ! #modeling #model #fashion...


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Ryan R. yesterday 8 views

What are good jobs involving baseball?



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Kathryn C. Aug 27, 2018 158 views

What are some minors that would go well with a Spanish major?

If I were to want to translate for courts, would I have to get any specific minors? #minors #spanish...


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Omar G. Aug 06 26 views

What dose a chief sustainablity officer do?

#chief sustainability...

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Diego A. Dec 10 14 views
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Kaleb J. yesterday 8 views

Do most neurosurgeons work in hospitals?

I want to be a neurosurgeon but just was wondering where most are employed? Hospitals? Private practices? #doctor #medicine #medical...


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svetla P. yesterday 8 views

Can anyone recommend good Architecture or Interior Studios in Scandinavia?

Hello, I am an architect who has lived and worked in the UK/USA since 2000 and now looking to relocate to (potentially) a Scandinavian country because of the high quality of design in this part of the world. However, I find it really difficult to find job placements in this field in the EU;...

#career #architecture #architect

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clinton J. Aug 29 30 views

whats the most difficult thing about being an mechanic

#mechanics I'm 20 from Stockton California I want to be a mechanic and give back to my family I'm here trying to be a better...