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Diana M.’s Avatar
Diana M. Feb 27 81 views

How to start before going to college?

what are the steps after High school? What is good advice on preparing yourself for the first year of college #career #college...


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Jean C. Feb 19 109 views

Tupac or Biggie?

Tupac had a big fan base on the west coast and biggie had a big fan base on the east coast...


Stephen S.’s Avatar
Stephen S. Feb 27 52 views

How to be an adult?

How to go down the right career path for me that I enjoy, and how to succeed in the...

Bill P.’s Avatar
Bill P. Feb 27 54 views

How will I be able to stay motivated

Whatever the future holds will be very challenging so how will I have the motivation to keep up with...

Jaki D.’s Avatar
Jaki D. Mar 05 54 views

What should I be doing now in order for me to become an RN Nurse?

I just want to know what I could be doing now and what steps I need to take ....


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Nicholas V. Mar 04 80 views

Why do you love your job?

#job What makes you want to do your job better then...

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Parsu A. Feb 19 80 views

If I don't like to use computer, should I consider a career in engineering?

I had an internship in school, which was civil engineering. I like engineering, but hate the fact that I have to spend a lot of time on the computer. #engineering...


Nicholas V.’s Avatar
Nicholas V. Feb 19 77 views
Sonia P.’s Avatar
Sonia P. Mar 05 90 views

What are some jobs I can get with a degree in criminal justice?

I want to know what my options are if i choose to major in criminal justice . #criminal-justice...


Karsyn L.’s Avatar
Karsyn L. Feb 27 94 views

What can I look forward to in college?

Senior about to graduate; going into University next year. #university...


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Stephen S. Feb 27 73 views

How to be a rich and happy adult?

Who do i have to talk too, be close with? How and who should I be as a person to find happiness?...


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Katherine T. Apr 28, 2018 145 views

What different career options are there for biochemistry?

I'm planning on majoring in biochemistry, then possibly going into pharmaceutical research, but I want to know what other options there are for biochemistry. #biochemistry...


Sandra G.’s Avatar
Sandra G. Aug 14, 2018 106 views

Should I apply to more than one nursing program?

I will be finishing my prerequisites for the nursing program at my school by the Spring and I have looked into other programs with similar prerequisites. The program I am applying to only accepts 15 students every round of applications and I want to make sure I get into a program so I can...

#programs #nursing

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Simona S. Feb 27 58 views

Do you recommend becoming a CNA before going to college for nursing?

Are there any consequences for not doing so before college? #nursing...


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Ty H. Feb 27 58 views
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Ashley V. Feb 27 58 views

How to narrow down sport medicine?

Pick the best career for you in sport medicine. #sport #medicine...


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