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Anthony, New Mexico

Within 40 mile radius
chayanne’s Avatar
chayanne 2 days ago 268 views

1. what the typical workday looks like 2. what prepares you/me for this job 3. is there professional development/advancment ?

im currently at jobcore doing the cna and rehabilitation program

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chayanne 2 days ago 215 views

what is the best way to start my path to becoming a surgeon assistant to work my way to becoming a surgeon ?

I'm 18 graduate and I'm currently at job core going to take a rehabilitation or CNA program to get my certification

Oscar’s Avatar
Oscar Jul 13 661 views

UT Austin- Finance worth it?

Hi, this is Oscar, a rising sophomore of High School, this question is for UT Austin Finance students/graduates. Does it worth it? Why? How did you get in? Any tips?

Sara’s Avatar
Sara Jul 04 358 views

What’s the best way to go about getting an internship as a high schooler?

I’m interested in biomedical engineering and medicine. Thank you!

Arely’s Avatar
Arely Jun 18 879 views

Which business degree is more profitable in USA, specifically in TX?

I'm on my sophomore year of college, in Accounting, Business and Economics major. I always wanted to study Art, specifically a drawing concentration, but my parents want me to study a "real career", luckily, I am a math person too, and I like finance, accounting, and business in general, but I...

ryan’s Avatar
ryan Apr 30 358 views

why do people say HVAC isn't long term ?

like people say hvac isnt a long term carrer and im just wondering how it isnt or how to make it one when thats all u plan on doing for the rest of youre life

Jatwan’s Avatar
Jatwan Apr 29 477 views

What certifications will I need to become a chef?

Hi I need more information on becoming a chef.

Marisa’s Avatar
Marisa Apr 29 173 views

what are some good schools to go to for nursing? would I need more than one certification to work at a clinic or hospital as a nurse?

I am a job corp student trying to get a cna certification and want to know some good schools to go to after i finish the program

Amanda’s Avatar
Amanda Apr 29 214 views

What kind of education would the job require to become a registered nurse?

Job Corps Student

Emily’s Avatar
Emily Apr 29 157 views

How long does it take to get a degree in nursing or any medical environment? What certifications do I need to be able to get a good job and salary in the medical field?

I'm trying to get a degree short term into nursing so I wonder how long it would take to reach that goal. I also wonder what kind of degree I need to get into it.

Mahalia’s Avatar
Mahalia Apr 29 331 views

What educational requirements would I need to certify as an HVAC Tech??

Job Corps Student

Joseph’s Avatar
Joseph Apr 29 239 views

How fast will I be able to develop my skills in welding sheet metal.What health benefits can I Acquire? What will employers look for during an interview? ?

I am a student at JobCorps studying to be a welder. I have nerve damage in my left hand so I am curious what health benefits i can obtain through welding. When I graduate and start looking for a job, I would like to catch the eye of future employers, what skills or traits are seeked?

Mahalia’s Avatar
Mahalia Apr 29 216 views

What certifications would I need to become an official HVAC Techician??

Job Corps Student

Jatwan’s Avatar
Jatwan Apr 29 440 views

What credentials would I need to become a chef?

I'm studying to become a chef at job corps and would like to get the most advice i can in culinary arts

juliet’s Avatar
juliet Apr 20 176 views

how can i be succesful in class?

by hardworking

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