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Ramsey P.’s Avatar
Ramsey P. Dec 07, 2020 196 views

What's the best major/career for me?

I have been trying to find a major/career that suits me for a while, but nothing seems to stick because I have so many interests. I recently graduated from Clayton State University with my Associate of Arts in Integrative Studies and I will be graduating from high school in May. I plan to...

#science #business #education #management #mentalhealth #career #math #college #healthcare

Cody B.’s Avatar
Cody B. Jan 16, 2018 395 views

How can I find internships to get ahead in astrophysics research?

I want to become an astrophysicist and would like to find internships to pursue during summers while out of school. Also any other kinds of physics research would be nice as well. #physics #astrophysics #science...


Eric D.’s Avatar
Eric D. Jan 17, 2018 314 views

Other than scholarships and grants, what would you say is the best strategy to pay off your college tuition and fees without any excess debt?

I am a senior in high school who has applied for almost a hundred scholarships over the course of one semester. Despite my efforts, I have only accumulated enough money to sustain me for one semester of my least expensive choice college. Do you have any suggestions for what I can do during the...

#financialneed #financial-aid #money-management

Kimberly S.’s Avatar
Kimberly S. Jan 18, 2018 441 views

Is it a bad idea to pursue a study abroad program that will neither apply to my major nor provide me credits that I don't already have?

I am a psychology major and am currently interested in applying for 2 very different study abroad programs. One is a psychology program and the other is a Spanish program. I ask this question because I already obtained all the language credits I need from high school but I still wish to learn...

#study-abroad #language

Sameea F.’s Avatar
Sameea F. Nov 19, 2020 79 views

For entry level Data Analytics job what kind of project should add in portfolio. #GivingisCaring

I did master in Information Technology and I want to do work in data...


Wooju Y.’s Avatar
Wooju Y. Jul 27, 2016 499 views

Programming specifics

I've been learning programming and I've got the basics of c++ and java. But I recently learned that there are a lot more fields of programming whether it's javascript or python or html. So can someone tell me the difference between the fields and recommend which fields I should learn quickly...


Emily G.’s Avatar
Emily G. Dec 08, 2020 156 views
Cassidy P.’s Avatar
Cassidy P. Sep 29, 2017 839 views

Do accountants just crunch numbers all day?

I'm asking because I'm genuinely curious and I'm pretty good with #math and numbers....


Mackenzie T.’s Avatar
Mackenzie T. Aug 17, 2018 232 views
Scenarious T.’s Avatar
Scenarious T. Jan 23, 2018 319 views

What is it like being active in the field of Sociology?

I am a sociology major and love the knowledge that I learn on a daily basis. However, sometimes it is hard to picture myself working in the field. What are some real world applications of this career path? #sociology #career-counseling #career-development #social-work...


Preia E.’s Avatar
Preia E. Jan 18, 2018 263 views

How to become apart of a sorority ?

I want to know how to become apart of a sorority is because I'm thinking about joining one when I go to college #sorority...


Rebecca A.’s Avatar
Rebecca A. Jun 22, 2018 518 views

How should I prepare for a Consulting Case Interview?

I'm interested in management consulting. How should I prepare for the case portion of interview? I haven't taken any business classes, although I have taken micro economics and macro economics. #consulting #interviews #case-interview...


Chrissy R.’s Avatar
Chrissy R. May 15, 2016 729 views

Are there any scholarships or grants to assist in becoming a certified dog trainer?

I help rescue and foster dogs. I would love to become a trainer so that I could find more dogs "furever" homes. #animal-health #dog-rescue #dogs #dog-training #animal #career #college...


Nancy C.’s Avatar
Nancy C. Feb 21, 2020 176 views

How do I determine what I want to do with my life?

I don't want anything that has to do with the law or blood. I like something more on the artistic side. #artistic #dreamjob #highschool #job...


Rob J.’s Avatar
Rob J. Aug 12, 2016 597 views

What does an average day in the life look like for a T.V. production person?

I play and watch pro football, and think it would be really cool to work in TV production for sports shows when I grow up. I'm only in high school though, so I have time. I'm wondering what your days look like in TV production. Is it stressful? How many hours do you work each day? What kind of...

#media-production #broadcast-media #sports #television-production

desiray B.’s Avatar
desiray B. Dec 07, 2020 58 views

what type of therpist are there?

i want to know the sercent therpist there are...


Angela A.’s Avatar
Angela A. Mar 30, 2017 3146 views

What are the average working hours of a counselor? Does it depend on the type or individual? Is there a cut off time?

I want to say that it would be like a 9-5 job because a counselor has to have his/her own time for their life right? I also feel like sometimes clients are in placed in tough positions and see the counselor/ therapist as their only place of comfort. #counselor #therapist #family-therapy...

#family-counsleor #marriage-counselor #marriage-therapist

Miguel Z.’s Avatar
Miguel Z. May 02, 2019 74 views

What would be a good way to effectively balance and explore all sorts of college opportunities?

I'll be a Mechanical Engineering freshman this Fall and hope to take the most out of my college years. However, with so many different opportunities, and so little time- even though I know it is quite common for engineers to take more than four years to graduate-, it seems a bit hard to balance...

Bella K.’s Avatar
Bella K. Nov 12, 2020 86 views

How can I survive an unpaid internship?

After I graduate high school, my goal is to move to NYC and do 3-4 fashion internships, which I know rarely pay at all. I would really appreciate any tips about how to not go broke living like this! #fashion #intern #internship #summer #apparel-and-fashion...


JaMorris P.’s Avatar
JaMorris P. Aug 31, 2018 278 views
Wooju Y.’s Avatar
Wooju Y. Jul 04, 2016 594 views

Service Hours

High school student here and I realized that service hours are pretty important to get in to a good college. So I have been looking for ways to get service hours. But since I'm usually in a place where it's about an hour away from the nearest urban city, I figured I needed or at least, prefer...

#websites #volunteering #college #volunteer-management #resume

Khushi K.’s Avatar
Khushi K. Aug 31, 2018 341 views
Natalie R.’s Avatar
Natalie R. Aug 27, 2018 271 views

Is AP or IB better?

I have the option of taking AP or IB classes or full IB diploma at my high school. Is there a reason whether to take one over the other? Does full IB diploma look good on a college application (better than lots of AP classes)? #ap #ib...


Austin M.’s Avatar
Austin M. Aug 22, 2016 623 views

What degree other than sports management would be good to get a degree in to work in the front office of an NFL team?

I am asking this question because the I college I choose to attend may not have this exact degree so I am looking for other degrees that are similar to sports management. #management #sports...


Rosa W.’s Avatar
Rosa W. Aug 31, 2018 336 views

How do you deal with sexism in the workplace?

I am a student and an officer in my school's engineering groups. I am working with our Society for Pre-engineering at the moment, and I have had to deal with a great deal of sexism. I get comments about being to "girly" to be an engineer and how its a "shame" that I want to spend time in labs....

#societyforwomenengineers #womeninstem

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