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Kiara Aug 16, 2018 680 views

How can I make college worth it?

For a Finance Major:
Which clubs are worth taking?
Should I start internships right away?
Is it smart to graduate in 3 years?

#college #finance #internships #scholarships #honorscollege

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Shatasia Sep 09, 2012 5821 views

How many years of college will it take if I want to own my own business?

My family has owned a club before. I would love to get the chance to own a business. I want to know how many years in college it will take. Please help, I am really interested! #business

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Hailin Apr 23, 2020 811 views

How did studying abroad shape your career?

I am currently a student at UW. I am interested in studying abroad (specifically Tsinghua University) during my junior year. Out of curiosity, what are your favorite aspects of studying abroad? How did it shape you and your career? Which part of the experience stood out to you?...

Aria’s Avatar
Aria Apr 27, 2020 851 views

Any tips on saving for university?

Hi! I’m hoping to attend university in a few years and the financial burden of it all has been worrying me. I’m a high school student, and the only source of income in my family comes from my dad. I’ve spoken with my parents about plans for college and it seems that they expect me to at least...

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Caitlin Jul 12, 2018 2218 views

What part of your job do you love the most?

I am an incoming freshman (Undeclared) with interests in Civil Engineering, Environmental Policy, Biostatistics, Data Science, Sociology, Public Health, Entrepreneurship, Product Design, Network Administration, and Financial Analyst & Planning. I am exploring different career possibilities so I...

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Rachel Feb 07, 2017 940 views

How relevant are minors in college to a job?

I am a Honor Business and Liberal Arts minor #career #career-counseling #career-choice #school #graduate-school #school-counseling #higher-education #college-minor #college-major #college-advice

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Mireia Jan 17, 2018 2054 views

What personally helped you decide what major/career to pursue?

I'm a high school senior who still is not sure of what major/career to pursue and would really appreciate guidance and personal experience about when and how you decided on your path. #career #career-counseling #career-development #job #careers #changing-careers #expert #advice #career-paths...

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Nancy Apr 20, 2020 1589 views

What company is doing remotely work?

I'm a college student and I work in school, even though they don't pay me that good. It enough to buy some snacks and it helps me pay some part of my tuition. Since my University shutdown and we're doing online classes, I can't afford to pay the rest of my fall semester class. I'm looking for...

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Clifta Jan 29, 2020 681 views

What careers are best for traveling?

I have a passion for traveling and I would love a career that would let me travel and also make a fair amount of money. #career #travel #money

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Laiba Apr 15, 2020 631 views

In a networking session, how do I act natural?

I'm really a cold and mysterious individual which means I tend to keep everything short and precise. This often results in people avoiding me which results in me not being able to express my ideas and views fully or even approach anyone.

#antisocial #networking

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princess Apr 11, 2020 547 views

What are the chances of still being accepted into a college after being denied?

#college-advice #college-admissions #college

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Harry Apr 12, 2020 335 views

If I'm a little worried about how difficult college will be after my public school education, should I take courses over the summer before college at a community college to prepare more?

I'm in high school hoping to go into either a health or law profession after college. I am currently undecided about which university I want to go to and what my major will be. #college #school

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Mia Apr 14, 2020 1207 views

As a non-religious person, should I exclude religiously affiliated colleges and universities from my college search?

Just a quick disclaimer: I do not mean to offend anyone in this post!! I respect your freedom of religion!! So, I do not follow any organized religion. I do not believe in a God or creationism, and I am not spiritual. I guess I can be categorized as a "nihilist." With that being said, I...

Abby Lupi’s Avatar
Abby Aug 09, 2016 655 views

Is it typically cheaper to live off-campus?

In college, that is. #college #college-major #money #college-bound #money-management #expense-management

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Timothy Apr 04, 2017 1695 views

What exactly is a Mortgage?

Hi, This question may not apply to my life currently seeing how I am a student who does not own any property or a home. But I am still curious to know what exactly a Mortgage is because I think it will be useful to understand in the future. Thanks allot! #college #finance #education #home...