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Peyton G.’s Avatar
Peyton G. Nov 20, 2019 45 views

What skills are necessary to work as a White House Intern?

What skills should I acquire if I plan to intern at the White House?...


Brianna D.’s Avatar
Brianna D. May 26, 2016 1246 views

What are some reasons that I should pursue a career in business?

I am 17 and am really excited to go into business. #business #finance...


Advik N.’s Avatar
Advik N. Feb 13 66 views

How can I join this volunteer program?

I really love computer science and coding. I want to major in computer science and I would love this opportunity to try and get myself accustomed to programming. I would love to volunteer and try to help out others in coding. I also see this as an opportunity to learn more about computer...


Peyton G.’s Avatar
Peyton G. Nov 20, 2019 56 views

How long does it take before you can practice law?

How long does the average lawyer go to law school and intern before they can take the bar exam and practice law?...


Kayleigh G.’s Avatar
Kayleigh G. May 28, 2018 288 views

Research Internship

Hello! I am currently a junior in high school going into my summer before senior year. I am interested in doing a research internship with a local physics college professor over the summer, and I am looking for advice on how to go about that. What steps should I take, what should my email look...

#internship #research #internships #summer-internship

Katelyn  Q.’s Avatar
Katelyn Q. May 25, 2016 571 views

What do you like most about your job in medical imaging?

I am currently a graduating senior going to college to major in medical imaging. I wanted to know what part of this job is someone's favorite part. I want to know what I should look forward going into this major. #medicine #ultrasound #radiologist #radiology-students #medical-imaging...

#healthcare #hospital-and-health-care

Zachary S.’s Avatar
Zachary S. Jan 10 154 views

What does being a business major take?

I'm looking for colleges and I want to be a business major, but I don't know what to focus on and I'm not sure how to go about college (majors and minors). #business #major...


sarah L.’s Avatar
sarah L. May 22, 2018 261 views

Surviving school away from home

I am excited about leaving home and pursuing my education... What tips do you have to help me be successful when I am on my own? Sarah #family...


Tierra J.’s Avatar
Tierra J. Jan 16, 2018 270 views
Katherine L.’s Avatar
Katherine L. Mar 11, 2018 329 views

What should I expect my work life to be like when I become a CPA?

I'm currently in college majoring in Accounting but I don't have any previous experience with this kind of job. I'm curious about what a day in the life of a certified public accountant looks like....


Kaitlyn A.’s Avatar
Kaitlyn A. Aug 23, 2018 104 views
Kyle K.’s Avatar
Kyle K. Sep 08, 2019 51 views

Learning cosmetology how much should I make while learning

I am going to be taught #cosmetology and want to know how much I should be getting paid while learning and working at the same...

Peyton G.’s Avatar
Peyton G. Nov 20, 2019 55 views

Where are the best places to intern to become a lawyer?

What states do most lawyers go to intern?...


Vanden G.’s Avatar
Vanden G. May 22, 2016 535 views

What does a typical day look like for a M.D. that is in their residency in the field of radiology?

Im currently a senior in high school and plan to follow a pre med track next year when I begin my undergraduate studies. After med school I plan to take part in a radiology residency program. #doctor #physician #radiology #radiologist #hospital-and-health-care...


Aaron S.’s Avatar
Aaron S. May 21, 2019 96 views

What Equipment's do i need?

Other than FL Studio. #producer...


carson L.’s Avatar
carson L. Oct 14, 2019 49 views

how much does a fish and game warden make?

i like working with my hands and i know how to work on cars and trucks. i live on a farm. and i like landscaping and handy work #law...


Colin S.’s Avatar
Colin S. Aug 29, 2018 170 views

What is the path for an actuary after college?

More schooling? Testing? Internship? #actuary...


shelby E.’s Avatar
shelby E. Sep 24, 2019 35 views
Amanda M.’s Avatar
Amanda M. Jan 16, 2018 238 views

What biology- related careers exist?

I'm interested in biology, and would ideally like a job that encompasses this interest. I also plan to horseback ride competitively after college, and need relatively flexible hours to do so. Are there any biology- related professions that will give me the flexibility and salary to continue my...

#jobs #biology #horses

Aaron S.’s Avatar
Aaron S. May 21, 2019 97 views

What are the steps of having the best beats.

As in what equipments and tools you need to perfectly mix your beats and make it stand out....


Bryan A.’s Avatar
Bryan A. May 21, 2019 85 views

How to start a business sporting good business

I want to learn how to start and retail a sporting #business #entrepreneur goods...

Bryan A.’s Avatar
Bryan A. May 21, 2019 127 views

How to network with supply and demands businesses

how to find sporting good supplier #business #entrepreneur #finance...


Roxanne B.’s Avatar
Roxanne B. Jun 03, 2019 83 views
casey L.’s Avatar
casey L. May 21, 2019 81 views

What certifications needed to become a nurse?

I am finishing high school and would like to enter the health care industry....


Alexi C.’s Avatar
Alexi C. Aug 21, 2018 252 views

How to find a better sense of self?

I feel like sometimes I don't know myself. How do I find myself? Also how will this elp me find a profession? #counselor...


Tierra J.’s Avatar
Tierra J. Jan 16, 2018 219 views

Are jobs overseas better than the US?

I want to live and work outside the US #foreign-languages #international #jobs...


Bryan A.’s Avatar
Bryan A. May 21, 2019 76 views

How to start a business sporting good business

I want to learn how to start and retail a sporting #business goods...

Jesse U.’s Avatar
Jesse U. May 17, 2016 543 views

What majors do you recommend that I take with Japanese if I want to be a translator?

I am graduating high school very soon and will be entering college after this summer. At this point, I plan to become a Japanese to English (or vice versa) translator, and I know that there are several options as to what I might take with my Japanese major. I have considered a Chinese minor,...

#translation #college #majors #japanese

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