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College offers the opportunity to continue one's education post-secondary providing career developing skills and knowledge. There are many different types of colleges. There are two-year colleges that offer Associate of...

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If I have an unweighted GPA less than a 4.0, will it look bad to any Ivy League schools that I apply to?

Hey! I'm Ila (pronounced ee-la). This question has been something that I've been trying to find an answer to for a while. I currently have a 4.0, but my classes are pretty hard, and I can only hope to keep my 4.0 at the end of the semester. Any advice helps- thanks! #school #college...

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do girls have to cut their hair when they choose the course criminal-justice?

since girls have to cut their hair short in criminology, i'm wondering if it's also the same with criminal-justice #criminal-justice...


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Matthew S. 2 days ago 35 views

Great with computers but no money for college at all. What careers are out there?

I love building computers and just messing with this bios and settings randomly and seeing the results. I have a history of HVAC from my dad but we don’t have the money to get me to college and because I got sick my last two years of high school I didn’t qualify for enough scholarships even...

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JASHAWN C. Dec 04 13 views
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Is becoming a Private Investigator a good choice?

i'm still not sure if i will take criminal justice as a course and become a private investigator/detective because i don't know if it's a good choice for me to take and become successful in the future. #criminal-justice...


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Maliyah H. Nov 30 22 views
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Zakura A. Nov 24 17 views

What senior high school track and college course should i choose to become a private investigator?

I am now in Grade 9, a 15 year old planning for the future :) , and I'm not sure what track should i choose in senior high school and course in college to become a private investigator. I've always loved doing detective things and now i decided that i should become a private investigator...

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Aimee M. Nov 22 49 views

Is it possible to balance a full time job, full school course load, being a single mom, and maintaining a socail life?

I am naturally a very ambitious person and plan on taking a full course load, continue working my full-time job, and parenting my daughter as a single parent. Is this massively ambitious, or do-able to some degree? I currently work with the IDD community and am looking to become a behavior...

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Aimee M. Nov 22 20 views

What benefits are there to becoming a Behavior Specialist?

I am a single mom and want to return to school for the first time since graduating high school in 2005. I want to become a behavior specialist specializing in autism. #school #college #psychology #student...


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Lyndi B. Nov 20 18 views

What is the best recommendation during high school and college to prepare yourself to become a medical lab tech?

I am a Junior I am involved in 3 sports and extracurricular activities. #blood #doctor #college...


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ilya S. Nov 20 14 views

what is done in the botany labs

I like handling plants and experimenting with chemicals #college...


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ilya S. Nov 20 9 views

what classes are needed to become a botanist

what classes did you take in college to go into the field of botany...


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How many years of college to become a dental hygienists?

Four years to get a bachelor's degree as a dental hygienist....


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derrik C. Nov 20 7 views

Is there any classes or programs that i need to take before i get into industrial maintenance?

If I do, what type of education would I need for industrial maintenance?...


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Libby S. Nov 20 22 views

Roughly, how much money do zookeepers make?

I think it'd be really fun to work at a zoo but I also need to make money to pay for college. #college #money #finance #financial-planning...


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Makenzie M. Nov 20 25 views

Is it worth it to go to vet school?

I'm worried that I'm going to be paying for my college until I die. #college...


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Logan S. Nov 20 15 views
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Caitlynn D. Nov 20 28 views

What requirements do I need to become a social worker?

I'm considering going to college for social work and would like to know what I need to do so....


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Kolby M. Nov 20 23 views

How much does a Dentist make?

I am a junior in High School #money...


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Swole H. Nov 20 30 views

How much college do you need?

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Swole H. Nov 20 16 views

How much does a youth pastor make?

I am a junior in high school #money #college #design...


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Kolby M. Nov 20 16 views

What field of dentistry is the best to go into?

I am a junior in High School #dentistry #college...


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Swole H. Nov 20 14 views

Whats the best state to be a pastor?

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Caitlynn D. Nov 20 16 views

What are the requirements to get a degree in foreign language translator?

I'm thinking of going to college to become a translator and would like to know what I need to accomplish to do so. #...


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Kolby M. Nov 20 10 views

What is the best college for Dentistry?

I am a Junior in High School. #dentistry...


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Tate N. Nov 20 17 views

What are some steps I can take to become an Engineer?

I am a freshman and after college I want to become an engineer. I am curious what steps can I take to become an engineer. #college...


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Wesley L. Nov 20 20 views

What are some of the best colleges to go to if I'm looking to become a neurosurgeon?

I want to major in human biology to give myself the best chance possible of getting into medical school. I was wondering which colleges are the best to go to to pursue this goal. #college #college-major #biology...


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Morgan L. Nov 20 26 views
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Are there any schools in south Dakota that you can go to be an astronomer?

#college Just wondering this just to make sure i dont have to go out of...

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Emma H. Nov 20 20 views

What is the best premed school to go to?

I'm a Freshmen in high shcool and I was wondering what college is the best to go to before medical school. #college #medicine #premed #doctor...


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Gavin J. Nov 20 19 views

How would you start a professional career in the food industry after college?

I am a freshman and am curious about my future and would like to know what to do after I get out of college, with a degree in culinary arts #chef #career...


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David R. Nov 19 34 views

Are you happy with the career you study?

Hello, I don't know if you see this day or night but thank you for watch my question, I just wanted to ask you something, it's a small question that can help me for my path to my career, I hope and the answer, luck #career #college...


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Diana G. Nov 19 16 views

What would you recommend I do at this point to get into the educational/psychology field?

I am currently taking a class in where I work with children and learn about them psychologically as well for adults. #psychology #counselor #career...


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Diana G. Nov 19 26 views

Are there related fields I might want to look into for psychology?

I am 20 years old and I am planning in getting a career as either a psychologist or school/educational counselor #education #counseling #clinical-psychology #psychology...


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Sunrise G. Nov 16 18 views

What is the averge amount of decent animation i should have before colleague

Hi ive been animateing for 2 years and its decent but everyone else is so much better so im wondering to calm my nerves if i animate from 13 to when i get to colleague do i have a good chance of getting in? #animation #art...


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how many hours will i have to work everyday?

many people have good schedules. i don't know what might happen everyday. #medicine #college...


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What should do if i want to be a youtuber and twitch streamer

I am a nice person. I like sports and music.Plus youtube and twitch. I like to help people. I am a cancer zodiac sign. #sports #music...


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will I have to take college classes?

I want to go to college to take classes to become a dentist. #student #dentistry...